OMISSION is just the kind of darkened death/thrash that I like. With a very 80s feel I can’t get enough of this Spanish band. Check them out if you like old Kreator and Sodom. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Why are you releasing the album on cassette too? Is there something to a tape that a CD can’t get through?
-We like to release our music in all possible ways tape, vinyl and CD, we are looking for a label to release Merciless Jaws from Hell in vinyl.
We used to buy tapes and vinyl back in the 80’s, so if we can have our own music in those formats, better.

To me Omission is so full of good old deathrash that I get all excited. What was the reason for forming the band? Was the vision clear from day one?
-The reason was that Patillas lead singer had some songs that couldn’t fit in MURO his previous band so he decided to do a project with Ivan, drummer of MURO. MURO split up and Patillas carried on with Omission and Ivan decided to play with Silverfist. Patillas had to find a full lineup to play the songs he created in the vein on old Kreator, Possessed, Destruction, Venom…That was really the beginning of all this, 3 demos many drummers and at least we have a stable lineup for 1 entire year.

How does the initial vision change as the band grows older and start taking on a life of its own?
-The vision is still the same, blasphemy, anti religion, old school attitude, what may change is the studio sound, ok we may introduce more melody in the solos, but that is our NWOBHM roots showing off, we try to sound better without fall in the new trendy compressed mastered sound, we like to sound the old way, if possible without mastering, but nowadays it’s almost impossible.We still went on stage with the will to take over all souls around, we don’t play a lot because of family stuff, we won’t do big tours, basically we play weekend festivals, but at least those festivals are getting bigger and bigger which is good.

Do you guys constantly feel that you are evolving or is that a bad word in your mouths? How far can you take Omission before it stops being Omission and just ends up a wet spot on the floor?
-It’s a bad word hahaha, if you call evolution from “Kill `em all” to “death magnetic”, I don’t, it’s a totally different band with the same people, and we all love Metallica until the black album, for Omission we prefer to sound like Omission all the time, like Desaster, Nifelheim, Misfits, Decayed. We may change the way it sounds but not the songs, we decided that Patillas will compose everything, so with no outside influences I think the essence will be kept, if it changes, we are honest enough to part ways, we are not here for the money…what money??hahahaha.

I know so very little about the metal scene in your corner of Europe. What kind of following do you get playing the kind of metal you do?
-Here in Spain we play in local festivals, for an average of 200 people if we play in Madrid we can get a bit more metalheads, with the second release we are getting a bit more attention from the media, it seems that people like us on stage which is good.

How much of a live scene is there for you to enjoy? Can you set up a national tour and not play to the 50 closest fans every time you show up in a new town?
-We can play like twice a month all around Spain for different people, we also play a lot in Portugal, the good thing in our music is that we can play with bay area sounding bands with black metal bands, death metal and even heavy metal bands, all the music we like which I think is great for us to be allowed to meet all those different bands.

What is it like releasing albums on smaller labels? How much of a source/tool is the underground metal scene in spreading the name of the band far away?
-We were born underground and we will die underground, all we want is to do what we want, as long as we can, we don’t want to be a 5 year thrash metal band because of all this waves that people talk, we are here to make a career our own way, we want to be here for the next 20 years, we do it for ourselves step by step, we don’t care about new trends, we are old school nearly 40, old guys hahaha.
About small labels, they invest the money that we don’t have to release our music, that’s great, than we can play live to spread our name, also one good thing in the underground is the spreading of the word, now with internet it’s easier to meet people all around the world, we appear in some splits with bands from Brasil, Germany, Greece, Malaysia, that is the power of the underground, we are all as one.

How do you use the digital era in promoting the band? Any benefits/disadvantages in promoting the band digitally?
-We use the social networks to spread the word, it’s free, we can meet our fans and we can arrange gigs as we won’t sell millions of records I don’t see any disadvantage on it, we can sell our merchandising all over the world.

Are the underground metal fans loyal or do they too download illegally and therefore bring forth the apocalypse of underground metal?
-Back in the 80’s I had many records in tapes, did many tape trading with foreign bands and then pass it to friends in tapes, I think it’s the same now, the difference is that now everybody has a band, back than to buy a guitar was almost impossible, now every kid gets a cheap guitar and learn to play with youtube, too many bands to get the attention of the media, the problem is the millions of fake bands in internet, if you download who loses money is not the musician is the label, musicians can get some money with merchandise not with records, for underground musicians I don’t see illegal downloads a threat.

Do you have any future plans for Omission in 2012?
-We are pre producing our 3rd album, will enter studio end April and hopefully it will be released in September. Finally we will be playing in SWR Barroselas, and in Spain we have like 5 dates already booked so it will be a evil year spreading the anti religion word, also waiting to play in some central European festivals and drink some beers.


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