ONCE I SAW A GHOST has a name that you will remember no matter how long it is. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

What is up with these very descriptive band names that we see on metalcore acts like
Iwrestledabearonce or Bring Me The Horizon or your name? Why the choice of band name?
-Well, using phrases as band names nowadays is some kind of code for penetrating the selective
perception of the metalcore audience. I wouldn’t say it’s a consequence of our web age but it
surely correlates with the facts, that: 1. bands have to advertise themselves to gain any attention
they can get on the internet and 2. beer. Apparently, beer is a main factor in the development of
our band name, which partially explains the weird poetic syntax of ONCE I SAW A GHOST.

How would you like to define your sound? What would you say has been your single most
important influence/inspiration?
-The strength of OISAG lies in its diversity. Our sound originates from so many different angles
on music that, for example naming influential bands will sound stupid and probably offending
to any hardliner fans of those bands, so here we go: Hatebreed, Cannibal Corpse, Running Wild,
As I Lay Dying, etc… We respect all our individual approaches and make fun of them whenever
there is a chance to do that (especially with stupid puns). We also do sauna- weekends where we
get drunk and also extremely relaxed. They usually result in pretty decent riffs but sadly I’m not
able to talk about the “inspirational process” without my therapist. I’m sorry.

Do you adhere to a certain image? What defines image to you?
-No. We are like a metal-chameleon when it comes to image. We walk funny, we look weird and
our tongues are pretty fast and strong (if you know what I mean). However, on stage, we do
represent something that mainly shows our individual preferences, but as an underline message
also shows how people that are totally different in lifestyle, ethnic background etc. can connect
through energetic music – ironically super brutal energetic music.
But that’s our planet, man – paradox and ironic.
We are like a mini-world portrayal. That’s much cooler than some pathetic image!

How pleased are you with your latest recorded work? What kind of expectation do you have on
-I must admit, it’s fucking AWSOME! Seriously, I mean, we never had the aspiration to come up
with some avant-garde piece of art. Ever since we got together as a band, we set priorities on
playing live. We want to go nuts on stage but at the same time for us, there is nothing that’s
more satisfying (at least on stage) than seeing the crowd totally freak out to our songs. We don’t
see people looking at us saying “Avant-garde a clue what they are doing” Haha, best pun ever.
Although I admit that we take the listener on a journey through a lot of different styles of music
if he listens closely. So owning the album allows you to find some nuances in our music that
you might have not experienced yet on our shows and vice versa.
We expect the world going down before the things that we expected kick in. But I wouldn’t be
mad about some success.

How would you define success? What is failure to you?
-Well If you achieve your personal goals that’s success I guess. But to be honest, the moments
that were the most amazing to us always happened randomly out of nowhere. At the last show
for example I found some disco ball backstage and wore it between my legs on stage. The
crowd and I had lots of party going on because of random shit I found backstage. Anyways we
would like to tour Europe as soon as possible I think that is our main goal in the near future.
However, failure has been our fuel. If shit happens, it can give you a weird motivational drive.
We were having a show where people left the place because we were far too brutal. That’s pretty
close to total failure but there’s always a light in the dark. In our case it was free beer. We had a
good party going on and found some new friends later that night which gave us another show.

Is there an aesthetic that your adhere to?
-As long as it’s raw, heavy and pushing we’re happy.

How important are the layout and band photos to you?
-Someday all those band photos will be so professional that only birds will be able to watch
them, because they all will be so high quality… pun’ed again! Hah.
For some reason, we don’t really care about that. We’re getting some pretty good feedback
concerning the new album though, which leads to some sort of rethinking in the band.
We used to be happy about pictures that were taken at venues showing us sweaty and drunk on
stage… memories of the good times, you know. However, we are far more professional on stage
than our web-appearance would suggest, so we might just going to catch up on that in the

What part do the lyrics play?
-We are not interested in ancient Greek instruments.

How much of a touring entity are you guys? Is playing live still a great way to build a
-Well, we would like to tour more and also for a longer period of time. Still just by heading out
every possible weekend we managed to get a solid fan base and tons of chicks. There’s probably
ways to generate fans faster but we really love that intimate atmosphere where all our
pheromones still swirl through the place making theses moments really private and cozy when
you’re at the bar getting drinks for everyone and talk shit for the rest of the night.

What future is there?
We’re currently planning on a Germany-And-Neighbor-Countries-Tour as soon as our video
shoot for “Malevolent Annihilation” is done and ready to be spread ahead. Hopefully we can
continue writing new songs while being on the road but for now we just want to tour with the
album and go on showing off on stage. Oh yeah… and shoot proper band photos.

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