ONE INCH GIANT was a surprise to me. Another Swedish band that I had no idea existed. But that is a changed now. Read this interview to find out more about them. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

It might seem strange in this age of instant knowledge through social media but I have not heard of you guys before this new album. So a short introduction might be in order?
-One Inch Giant was born in 2009 and released the album Malva two years later. Last year we signed to Soulseller Records and this year we release our second album.

How hard is it to come up with a band name that will stand out in this day and age? What should a great band name have?
-It needs to be spontaneous, not studious, memorable but not pretentious. For example Arsonists Get All The Girls is not a good bandname! Or is it?! We aim to signal humble heaviness with our name.

What came first, the sound or the name? How hard is it to find a niche all your own musically?
-The sound first, we knew it was heavy and needed a name to signal it. It’s hard if you try hard. If you gather people that like interesting music and everyone is allowed to maintain their own style, I think it can be achieved, even in 2013.

How much do you think about what will work on an audience when you write songs? How much do you do it for your own pleasure? How do you balance what you want to hear with what an audience wants to hear?
-We write music that we like to listen to, so it’s very selfish in that sense. That being said, we try to analyze and modify the songs so the different parts are being put together in an interesting order, thus maintaining the intriguing parts of music.

What would you say has been your greatest influences/inspirations?
-People, life, anxiousness and death.

When you release your debut album nobody expect much but when you are about to release a follow up all of a sudden there are expectations to be filled. How do you deal with these expectations? What would be a total failure to you guys?
-A failure would be to realize that you’ve written music that you don’t want to play or market. Not feeling pride about your work would be a failure. That means you haven’t tried hard enough.

I’ve never ever released anything so I have no idea what kind of thoughts goes into writing a second or third album. What kind of thought process is there when you have to write a new album and you don’t have all the time in the world doing so?
-On one hand we don’t want to feel the pressure of being creative, things must take their time. On the other hand I think most people work better and get more things done if they’re under a bit of pressure. It’s ok if there are flaws (as long as they’re not obvious mistakes), that’s where the energy and charm kicks in.

Does being Swedish come with any benefits? Do people pay more attention when they find out that you are Swedish/Scandinavian?
-Being in a band is much easier with the governmental support and institutions which exist in sweden. And yes, the girls go crazy. It’s a curse.

Has the world of hardrock/metal become smaller with the help of modern communication technology or is there still gaps between different cultures? Are we one big metal family?
-If there wouldn’t be gaps I think there would only exist one culture, and where’s the fun in that? But I think that more music is being exposed and it’s easier finding music of your own liking these days. That helps in creating transboundary music.

What would you like to see happen in the future?
-Ronnie James Dio rising from the dead.

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