KEEP IT SICK is as good a motto as any when it comes to Brutaljohn & ONICECTOMY. This is death metal the sick way. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How important was the ”Reek Of Putrefaction” and ”Symphonies Of Sickness” albums by Carcass for the whole medical dictionary sub-genre of death/grind?
-I think those 2 album has been 2 masterpieces for the death metal music. Their concept and the genre of their lyrics have been followed by an enormous quantity of bands until nowadays. Personally I’ve been a “medicine” fan from when I was 15 until I started studying it at university, so my medical dictionary has been expanded expecially by studying medical science, reading books and by Dr House.

I tried looking up your band name and found no explanation to the name. What does it mean and why did you choose it?
-This is the question I mostly expected. As u told before, Death metal scene is full of bands who take their name from the medical dictionary and since I’ve been always fascinated by medicine I decide to follow this trend. When we started up as a band I had just suffered a surgery to remove ingrown toenail from both my feet, so since also the other founding member have suffered the same surgery we decided to use this hospital experience as our band’s name, That kind of surgery in Italian is called “ONICECTOMIA” so since we liked how that words sounds we decided to create the brand new English word “ONICECTOMY” … You know, English is always more cool.

When you write your lyrics how much do you go for the free flow of imagination and how much do you look to books/films for inspiration?
-I think it’s impossible to write a lyric using just imagination or just taking ideas from films/books, I think there should be always a mix between these 2 elements. Regarding our debut album “DROWNING FOR SALVATION” we had the idea to describe bloody religious sacrifice in the Aztech Era so I started to study this aspect of their religion from the web and when I had a summary of their habits I started to manipulate those concepts in my mind and I asked myself “If I was a sadistic priest and I had the power in my hands what would have I done to give pain to a sacrificial victim?” So I started to add even more aspect taken by my mind: of course movies have influenced those images into my mind; if u want a ratio a could say 70% imagination and 30% inspiration.

When does the kind of lyrics you write become controversial? When have you crossed the line of what is acceptable?
-First of all I’d like to congratulate with you for this question, maybe this is the most interesting I’ve been done during all the interviews I’ve answered. We always try to communicate something with lyrics, often they are a kind of metaphor that hide negative aspects of our society hidden under tons of bloody, splatter, gore, horror images. I never thought about which could be the line I should not cross cause I think this line is personal and is linked to everyone’s moral and life experiences. When someone feels hurt by something we have written, it’s a kind of victory for us, cause it means we have been able to communicate which is the negative aspect we are criticizing so the track have reached its target.

How are you treated by your local metal scene? What kind of scene globally are you a part of?
-We are part of ITDM – Italian True Death Metal scene and we are so proud of it! Globally I think we can be inserted into the worldwide Brutal Death Metal scene. We are approaching to our scene as a band who has just got his first signing with a label and have just published his first debut album: humility has always been or most important principle. We are gaining some positive feedback and these are growing since we have the new line up, people are starting to support us and we are really glad of this.

I can see you guys playing in caves in the alps to only the most diehard fans but what kind of live scene is there in Italy for the kind of death/grind you play?
-It’s not simple for an Italian brutal band gain the same feedback that an American, German, North European band can get. It’s a question of culture, people can’t really understand what’s the underground and how to support it. Most of them doesn’t care about going to live shows, buying cds or merch, they only care about downloading how much music possible, save it into their hard disk and create their own “metal archive”. Fortunately there’s a little circle of people that really know how the underground should work so they work hard to give strength to the scene, organizing festival or gigs, we have some good reality such as TattooDeathFest, Lowlands Death Fest, Vulgar Fest for example that are only made for death metal addict, and support the band giving them the chance to play to a bigger audience supporting also great international bands, they really help bands growing so we have to thank everyone who is involved into this supporting action.

What kind of reactions do you get from the people around you when they find out what kind of metal you play? How much do you care about what other people think of your music?
-What other people care about my music is the first worry I have after we have published a new track or after a show. Of course I only care about opinions of people who are into Brutal death scene, cause if they give me some suggestion, I’m sure they know what are they talking about so we can discuss about it and maybe accept the suggestion. It’s most important for us that people enjoy our live shows, if there are at least a few people banging their head during our slamming riffs or killing themselves into the pit we are so much satisfied and it gives the tight motivation to go on with music writing.

When you have an album out to show does it get easier to be taken serious? What kind of doors does an album open up?
-Yes I think It’s easier and I also think it should be a fixed step into a band’s career. If you have an album published it means for me that you have solid ideas about your music, you have a project and you are keeping it on, someone at your label is appreciating what you are doing and decide to give you the chance to get more visibility worldwide so even more people could appreciate it. It’s an important piece of your band activity, and the best and unique way to introduce your project to the scene. So for me it’s indispensable to publish an album before hoping to play to important fest or starting with tours.

How important is it for you to work with the right kind of people? How do you find the right kind of people to work with?
-It’s the starting point for a good work. We have changed many times our line up so I tried on my skin what does working with right people means. You create such a great feeling and you don’t need, for example, to explain how to play a riff when you are writing a new song, you just have to take your instrument and start to play and after a second everybody is following your idea. It makes everything faster when you are writing a new album and even more fun: every time you enter your rehearsal room you know you are going to have a good time so you can’t wait to be again with your band mates next time. If we have compatible ideas about music, live gigs, album concepts, life in general maybe we can do a good job together: the best way to decide if someone is the right person is spending some time with him, talking, hanging, having some beer. Then feelings do the rest.

What kind of future us there for Onicectomy?
-2012 started with a new line up: we soon find the right feeling and we started to work hard to gain the time we’ve lost since our old bassist left us. We are working on the new stuff for the new album and of course we are promoting our first album with a lot of live activity in Italy and Abroad, we are going to take part to some important death fests and we have planned to release a new promo within this summer in order to have the new album ready for the end of 2012. So the immediate future is NEW ALBUM and massive live activity to promote our music.
I’d like to thank so much Anders for giving us this important space and everyone who have read this interview hoping I’ve aroused a little curiosity toward ONICECTOMY
If you’d like to know more about us I leave you some links to our official channels
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/onicectomybrutal
YOUTUBE : http://www.youtube.com/user/bleedingshrine
Mail: onicectomy@hotmail.it brutaljohn@hotmail.it

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