OSSIN I came upon by chance checking my Facebook page. It sounded like a cool band. So much that an interview seemed like a good idea. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I only randomly come upon your name when surfing Facebook so how active are you as a band?
-We are pretty new! Just started out a few years ago still mostly active like others. Work out on new material and currently online with a side project coz we had downside of hard get full band together, we currently seeking band members and therefore mostly active on the net for now.

Why did you guys want to start a band in the first place?
-Our friends and fans pushed us and we wanna put a name to the unknown. Most of us been doing music for a long time, one way or another so why not create something which comes naturally.

How would you like to describe the band?s sound to somebody new to the band like me?
-Independent Badass Metal as free base of e_xpression in the genre of Doom/ Death Metal.

What are the advantages/disadvantages to being a band where you live?
-In Sweden the advantages is that we have many active bands and maybe disadvantages is that everyone do their own.

When you are an underground band how do you promote the band?
-The music itself, our fans and manager promote us.

Is it hard to write songs that don’t sound like everybody else?
-No and yes. Most lyrics come from an emotionally state symbolizing e_xpressions in various ways. Ossin’s sound is in the base rock driven metal mixed with sometime progressive influences. Ossin change style over time as we like a future development but still stay true to the genre of metal. The hard part is to stay truthful to natural while not censuring anything, or being political correct coz that has nothing to do with what we do and still there is always some obstacles to climb ontop (like kick a stompbox) in a suppressed world.

What was behind the choice of band name?
-A boys name.

Do you have an ideology or concept behind the band that you follow religiously?

What would you say good art work is for a metal band?
-Artwork that strongly represent the metal concept, personality in a mind-screwing way.

What are your intentions with the band?
-Ossin already completed its own purpose at first place; all material was put together, rehearsed, recorded, played and later distributed freely out to the masses who appreciate our kind of work which still is ongoing but there will always be a possibility that we take it even further. Whatever happens our plan is to continue the creation of a dark spirit metal alternative.


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