OTHER EYES WISE I only checked out because they are signed to Wormhole Death. ©2016 Anders Ekdahl

You have one of these names that does not really tell what kind of metal you play. How hard was it to come up with the name?
-It was pretty easy, actually. We wanted something different, because we are doing something different. We looked for a play on word, that also had a meaning, and we didn’t want it to state the genre, because we are not a genre specific band.

Could you give us a short introduction to the band?
-If you want heavy – it’s us. If you want groove – it’s us. If you want melody – it’s us. We are a band that are happy to push the boundary of what we play and how people perceive us and what metal “should be”.

What would you say have been the single greatest influence on your sound
-Metallica (only joking)
Classic rock (only kidding)
Coin flipping jazz (serious)
Our greatest influence is around the word ” no” – we don’t use it in our band.

What is the metal scene like in your area? Do you feel that you are a part of a scene?
-The metal scene is terrible. You have to be already known. It’s a real shame, once you understand it, you see a lot of potential and quality. We see a lot of cool bands and talented musicians disappear because of this. No, we are not part of a scene, but we are happy to create our own. We are part of music. Period.

Something I have often wondered about is if you feel that you are part of something bigger and greater when you play in a band, that you are part of a movement sort of?
-You collect musicians, you create something that feels right. You play it to people, the feel its “right”. We have seen THAT . The only people that make the band bigger and greater are your fans, who have the right to judge you on your performance, whether it be on album or live. Obviously we judge ourselves in how we put ourselves out there, but we do that as a unit and in our case, maybe a couple of beers are involved in that.
This is a question that intrigues us, we believe the bond musician to listener is formed on very special bonds, whether it’s the lightest or the heaviest thing in the world.

When you play the sort of metal you play I guess you cannot have birds and bees on the cover of your album? What is a great album cover to you?
-It’s a link to the music on that album. An analogy of a good meal: you have a tasty meal, but placed as shit. Or, its neatly placed, but tastes like shit.
An album cover tells you what you are about to consume. Its visuals explaining sound. Without a spoiler alert:)
Being the age we are in, going into record stores (when they existed), buying unknown albums due to their cover was what we used to do. The album cover plays a huge role.

What is your opinion on digital verses physical? Is digital killing music?
-It’s amazing to have music at a push of a button. If you use it correctly, its an amazing thing. The technology alone is brilliant. The issue is how we consume it. And produce music. Simon says, you have to tread through a lot of shit. You have to dig through so much of it, and you find good stuff, but its painful. The issue is though actually around the quality and talent we are producing music. We have moved to a quantity over quality.
Look at Tool. They have fans waiting for 10 years for their next release. That’s shows how big a role quality plays. People care about quality.
In the 80s, there was this “thing” called the Big 4. There were loads of bands, but Big 4 stood out because of the quality they had. And because they led the way.

What kind live scene is there for bands like yours?
-We think, as long as you bring a combination of melody, groove, and quality in delivery, you go down well. Believe us. We have had people tell us we have introduced them to death metal elements by following this scheme.
For a band that looks better suited to be on a beach, the live performance is “monstrous”, reviewer comments, not ours. And the drummer a ” a murderous beast ” but as far as we know, he’s a gentle fellow.

When you play live is it a happening or do you see it more as a party?
-We see it as a performance. We want it to be both. The crowd decide if its a party!

What would you like to see the future bring?
We know what the near future looks like. And it’s good, really good. Our latest album Chapters, and some super new songs, will be played on both festivals and tours in UK and Europe in 2016, and some bands we get to play with next year: it will be a huge honour.
The more distant future? Unknown, most of it, but we know it contains writing music, drinking beer and talking to people all over about music. Then more beer. And music turned up louder. More be….you see where we are going with this.

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