OTRA CARA is yet another Spanish metal band that need to heard beyond the borders. So read this interview and keep checking them out. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

When you release a new recording does it feel like you have to start a new a couple step back because so much time has passed and so many new bands have entered the scene since the last album or do you just pick up where the last one left?
First of all than you very much for inviting us for the interview, really appreciated
For the band it has always been a continuation of things, after the album comes some tour dates, then you keep playing and thinking about the next step whatever that is, new single, album, video, etc.., compositions comes along the ride, and then when enough material for a new album then we jump in studio and the cycle starts again. It is true there are more and more bands every time, but we keep honest to ourselves and continue doing what our fans and people that follow us really like, which is in fact what we love doing

Do you have an aesthetic that you keep true to from recording to recording (i.e. stylistical same art work, lyrical theme etc.)?
-The 3 albums are different, the first one was pretty much the set-in style, and how Otra Cara was defined, the second album was more experimental with some additional soft tunes or even more melodic, including the cover song from Alejandro Sanz “A golpes contra el calendario”, which allowed the band to reach to an audience it never did before
The 3rd Album “El Valor del Tiempo” it’s a theme album that goes around the value of time, and what do we do with it, knowing is limited, and we are all doomed by it
So all three albums have different ways of looking at the music, and the lyrics, however the style, with the exception of some more melodic songs has always been around powerful guitars and riffs, with strong melodic stories

How hard is it to come up with lyrics to the songs? When do you know thst you have the right lyrics?
-Each of the songs of the 3rd album “El Valor del Tiempo”, something like “The value of time” in English, are related to time, real stories from real people, the struggles in life, and how to choose what to do with time. When you have a theme album, coming up with stories for the songs it’s much easier than song by song, and we had some pretty good real stories to tell
Writing in Spanish is easier for us as it is our mother tongue, however the language is so rich in words and ways of combining them, that we have to make sure it does reflect the story we want to tell, once we tried and it does just that, then the lyrics are ready

I am old school. I like really cool album covers but from what I’ve gathered some bands tend to spend less on art work because people don’t buy records, they download songs. What are your feelings on this?
-That is funny I heard that before, I think some bands might be missing the point with it, we do take the time and money to make sure the cover of the album as well as the entire art work, looks really cool, I do hope you like it
It helps represent the message we are trying to send, with of course the help from Monica Cornejo, she been working with the band for many years, and she does all the marketing, covers etc.. that represent the albums, she also loves the music we do, so she does it with extra passion, to us that is very important, as it allow us to work very well together
We definitely have in our fan base people that love buying the CD, but also if they do it online, or just hear the music online, the art work is really important as it represent what you are about to hear, it is about the experience you get when listening to the band, to us that was very important in this new album

Do you ever feel that you get misinterpreted because of the music you play?
-We have not experienced misinterpretation, however in every story on the songs, people can interpret them as they feel related to them, if you take our single “Ser Real” or “Be real” in English, we have had some people coming to us and telling us how much they love it because it represent something in their lives to them, and it varies from people to people, that is very powerful, and we love the fact that we can provide that experience to people

I get the feeling that fans that are true to a band, is a lost thing with the easy access to music these days. Do you feel that this is a bad thing or are there any positive aspects of it at all?
-It’s a great question, I think fans will always be true to the bands that represented to them some special parts of their lives, I love MUSE for example, and nothing is going to change that, yes it is true you get much more options and you might become fan of more than one band easily these days, but due to what that special band represented or did represent in your life at some point, you will always be fan of it, that’s what I think
Having access to lots of choices is positive, as you can choose whatever represents better who you are, the flip of that coin is that is more difficult to bands to attract a large fan base, as today you can choose many different styles of rock, and have many options to watch or see

Back in the days you had to trade tapes if you wanted to hear new unheard-of bands. Today you are just a click away from discovering new acts. Do you feel that this development in some ways will do more harm than good in the long run, that it will eventually kill off music as we know it?
-Believe or not I was trading tapes when I was young hahaha, feels like ages, but it was not that long ago, technology is something I personally love, and the way it has changed the way you live is amazing. I love having everything one click away, that is fantastic, and to be honest I see all the positives of it, it brings you closer to your fans, you can video, skype, or even chat to fans whenever you feel like, you can be in contact with them almost immediately when you have news to tell, or pictures to share, it’s much easier to make them feel closer to you. Same with promotion, these days most interviews are either phone, skype or video, in the past that would have been almost impossible or too expensive. I think musicians and bands have to learn how to use these new tools and make good use of them to get the benefits, we are still learning…
Having say that, nothing compares to go see a show live, that is when you see the true artist in action, and in our case we put a huge effort to our live act, so people will have a nice, powerful, and fun experience

I get the impression that today’s touring scene is most made up of festivals or multiple band line-ups. Is it harder/tougher to tour today?
-Organizing the tour is very complex, there are so many details you need to factor into the organization, on top you have to offer a good live act, so people might want come and pay a ticket to see you
With a good management agency you can make progress really quickly, we work with Duke Produciones, and they have been a great help, however it always depend on how many dates you can do by yourself, and then try to get into bigger gigs, festivals are really good as you can play to as many people as possible in one go, the rest is about how much you can afford in money and time
I’m not sure is tougher, I have done small tours since I was 14, and every one of them has had his rewards and difficulties, with Otra Cara we just started with our first date in Madrid last 21st April and we have 4-5 more dates with more to be announced soon, so there will be plenty of time and opportunities to come and see us

If you were to decide how would the stage show look like?
-Not sure I understand the question, but let me try to answer it as it you are referring to the actual stage for the live act, then I would love to have big screens to project the thoughts that go through our heads while playing the songs, as well as mixing fiction with reality, I always love a show on which if somebody is dancing on the big screens then it comes to reality jump to stage and share it with the band, that would be a dream show, it requires a big stage and a good deal of money for the setup, but I would love to do it… maybe one day

What does the future hold?
-For the next 12 months we are concentrating on the tour and continue to spread our music, but we have lot of ideas for new songs, and they will take form during that time, we also don’t disregard the possibility of writing some songs in English, in fact at the beginning, before the first CD, the band was actually doing all the lyrics in English, so stay tuned…
Thank you very much again for allowing us the opportunity to talk to you guys

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