I’m not the biggest fan of all these rock/metal opera projects that seem to pop up every now and again. Basically because they don’t give me that much. But I’m no stranger to asking t (semi) hard questions hence this interview with OUIJABEARD. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

From what I understand this is some sort of rock/metal opera kind of project. What can you tell me about the concept behind it? Is it alright to call Quijabeard a project?
-Well, it is a project for sure, cause it is not a band in sense that it is a one man project. But, yeah i will play live with these songs soon. But I don’t want to force things with this. Just want it to be what it is. The rock/metal opera thing is something I have said a few times but basically what it is, it’s a heavy metal project in the old fashion sense. Old school production and old school way of thinking. I tried to keep every idea I could come up with and just press record. But it is a result of my
old time heroes which is Iron maiden, Black Sabbath, Kiss and other stuff I been listening to for many years, Blue Oyster Cult, Thin Lizzy, Mercyful Fate. Old school metal. Put some Van Halen and some journey in there too and you have the formula.

In the 80s we only had Phenomena that really was considered a project. These days we have countless of these kind of projects. How hard is it to stand apart in order to get people interested?
-I don’t know. I mean, Dr.Living Dead was a project in the beginning too. I think most of bands start up like that. some involves into something and some don’t. Keep people interested? Well, I don’t know what to answer. Really, I do this 100% for myself in the end.

When you do this kind of thing you need to gather a whole lot of people to participate. How do you get people to agree lending their time and effort to something like this?
-In the beginning of this project I had no ideas what so ever to make people involved in this. But it ended up with me wanting more stuff in the record, like oh, this song needs a typical Bruce Kulick solo or whatever. I asked some friends and people I knew would do a great job.

With so many projects going on how do you avoid using the same people that already done other projects?
-I don’t think like that. I don’t think i try to avoid using the same people. I mean, it is good to have great musicians around you and it feels good to be able to do that.

What kind of idea brought about the formation of Ouijabeard?
It started as a death metal project. I did only one song and then it transformed into more KISS-sounding songs or something like that. The name was really a joke from the beginning. But I kept it, and yeah it is a spiritual beard.

How do you come up with a lyrical and musical concept? How hard has it been to write the album?
-Not that hard. It was fun all the way through. Cause I had no stress surrounding it. I wrote the songs. recorded them. And, yupp it turned out as I wanted it to turn out.

When you are about to record how do you go about getting all parts to fit together? How long does it take to complete an album?
-I Actually write kinda fast when Iwrite a song. I may make very very simple demo recordings with only one guitar or so, just to have the parts ready. After this i usually record the drums cause I already have the song structure inside my head. No clicks and stuff like that. Then guitars, bass and so on. Sometimes i can record vocals just along to the bass track. The album took some time to do, but that was mainly because of technical issues.

What kind of expectations do you have on the album?
-I hope people will get it. I think that people who have the same musical references as me will get it. If you like the peter carr style of drum playing you will probably hear it here and there. If you like old NWOBHM stuff you hopefully will find stuff on the record that you like. It has a little piece of everything I like in there. Hopefully some people will like the genuine side of it. If you are into modern sounding records you will probably not like it cause I don’t use drum triggers and i don’t
fuck around auto tuning vocals and stuff like that.

Would it be possible to take Ouijabeard to the stage? What would be the ideal stage production?
-Yes it will be possible. It would be a traditional rock show. put on your shades.

Is there a future for Ouijabeard?
-Well, I will definitely write more songs like this. That’s for sure.

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