I am not much for stage names but I gotta admit that Devil Lee Rot of PAGAN RITES has one of the better ones. Let us hear what he has to say about his band. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Pagan Rites have been going for some time now. What have you achieved so far?
-Yes Pagan has existed since 1992, With lots of member changes. But I can say the line-up today is absolutely the best, I´m really satisfied with the new line up, can´t be better!

I get a distinct feeling that you are pretty hardcore in the way you want your music to sound? What period is the best to steal ideas from?
-We sounds like old BLACK METAL as it was meant to be, We steal(in my opinion) from the NWOBHM, my inspiration. So I can only say back to the roots 80th

When you are as hardcore as you are in your views does that ever bring with it conflicts? How willingly are you to compromise?
-To be honest, we have no conflicts!

You don’t seem to be the most prolific in releasing records. What does it take for you to release a record?
-Today it´s hard to sell records, coz of internet and downloading etc… If we record in the studio it´s like a weekend, we don’t need to spend a month in a studio, one day to record the songs one day to mix it, one day to drink, haha. We don’t need to have a glean sound and spend our time in the studio for one month! You know we a pros, we are best, Sounds better underground, that’s why!

What is the main idea behind Pagan Rites?
-To enjoy what we´re doing, to be satisfied what we´re doing. To release our tunes on Vinyls, to play as much live as possible!! PAGAN RITES is a cult our fans are also members in the band! Without them, we would not exist! HAIL to our fans!!!

How well do you feel that you’ve accomplished this so far?
-I guess 666%. We give all our energies on stage, to satisfied our fans.

What is a live show with Pagan Rites like? What would you like it to be?
-I give all my energies on stage(Drunk or sober), They get what they want to se, 666% power, They get what they want to see. Just like an old Van Halen concert. I wish we could have more, own stage show with special smoke(on stage) effects etc…But time will come

Are you respected by your fellow comrades? Do you even care if people respect you?
-I adore all my fans, they keep me alive, My fans as I meet is brilliant, without them, then I can ask Who am I??? They are as well as me a member in the PAGAN RITES cult!!!

How important is other people’s opinions about you?
-I prefer to live in the wild instead of this confused human zoo! There is only few “Good” people, Better to live with the wild tigers, and wolfs, I guess they are more kind then any humans, humans are one of the most false existed creatures, but animals, there you have a friend forever. I see myself as an inhuman creature, Made Not Born, but sadly in a human form. My soul is one with the ancient one (Root race). Some people are good but mostly the rest are evil, stupid not worth to be my/your friend! DENY them. They are psychic vampires! Energy thief!

Anything to add about the future of Pagan Rites?
-Past is Past!!! PAGAN RITES, The future! thanx for your time reading the interview, check out DEVIL LEE ROT-DAYSTAR(son of the dawn II) on youtube. Join us “ORDO TEMPLI LUCIFERI”. UP THE PAGANS!

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