001There has been for a while now a resurgence for good old heavy metal. Labels like French Infernö has been flying that flag high. Brazilian PANNDORA are one of the bands that they’ve been hailing. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

As I guess you are new to most metal fans worldwide a short introduction might be in order.
Adrismith: PANNDORA created in 2000 by a group of girls which used to go the shows of the Metal scene in Maringá – PR, Brazil with the purpose of playing only Heavy Metal.

What kind of country is Brazil for a metal band? Can you make a career out of playing metal in Brazil?
Adrismith: In Brazil we have a lot of good metal bands but we don’t have so much supporting. The producers must be more professional and the people must to supporting the bands! It’s complicate! No, in Brazil you don’t get money playing metal. You must have another kind of job to get money! Unfortunately!

What kind of response have you had to your metal both nationally as well as internationally?
Adrismith: We receive supporting for both! Is very cool to receive a response from people abroad!

Is there a rise of all female metal bands in Brazil or do you feel lonely?
Adrismith: Panndora keep for 14 years on the road and we never stop for a while! There’s another oldest female band but they stopped for a while and now they came back! Nowadays there’s a few metal girls band because when we started didn’t have other female metal band!

How are you being treated by metal fans? Are you being treated with respect or are there men that rather see you in the kitchen and not on a stage?
Adrismith: Yes, all the fans treat us with very respect and it’s very good. I think very important this contact with them because they help us a lot, they go to the shows, buy our CDs, they like our songs and they’re very lovely!

What does it mean to other people in your area to see that you are gaining attention not only from local and national fans but also from fans from all over the world?
Adrismith: For us it’s very important because we work hard for it! Our friends be happy too!

You have released an album and an MCD. What has been the hardest in doing that?
Adrismith: In the past was hard to find a label to release but nowadays we have some partners around the world. A Greek label (Supreme Music Creations), a Portuguese label (Non Nobis Prod) and a french label (Inferno Records) they’re our partners now!

What kind of responses have you had to these releases?
Adrismith: the most of the reviews was positive and we were very happy!

Do you get to play live a lot or is the live scene more for bigger bands on tours? What kind of interest is there for national bands playing live?
Adrismith: In Brazil we don’t have so much supporting to play alive, unfortunately! I’d like to play and play more! But the producers generaly don’t want to support the local metal bands, they prefer to invest in tributes bands and it’s so sad!

What future is there for Panndora?
Adrismith: In the end of this year we’re going to record the new album!

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