PASTORE are new to me but seeing as I have a special placed in my metal heart for South American bands I thought it a good idea to interview the man behind the name. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you use your name as the band’s name does that bring with it a bigger pressure on you to make it work?
-After I left a band called Delpth in 2005, friends and fans used to say that I needed to make an own project and then I started the Pastore as a project, and after it became a band with Raphael Gazal doing the creation process and cds’ production and the really well done job of Fabio Buitvidas (Drums) and Alexis Galluci (Bass) make it turn into a band, the pressure is only on making good CDs and we’re taking our best to do it.

When you formed the band in 2007 with what intention did you do so?
-The band was formed in 2005, the first CD hit the stores in 2007, the aim was to make a traditional, strong and powerful heavy metal and show it to the world.

Brazil is mostly known for its extreme metal bands. What kind of scene is there for heavy metal?
-We’re more fans of the traditional metal and my style of singing brings it altogether, that’s why the heavy metal

What kind of infrastructure is there in Brazil to support national metal? Are there still paper publications that support metal or is it all digital now? Which do you prefer?
-We have lots of good bands, good studios and producers, we have some paper publications and I highlight the magazine called Roadie Crew, websites we have Whiplash and other, I prefer the digital cause it covers more people because is in the Internet.

Do you have to look outside of Brazil to have a chance to make it internationally?
-Yes, we look to the outside market, I think we have chances.

How important is it to have the right kind of art work in this day and age of digital download and single song consumption?
-I think that the Heavy metal fan likes to have the CD in his hands so I think the art is fundamental, the concept of what is recorded is represented in the graphic art also!!

How do you know that you’ve found the right kind of art work? What criteria are you looking for in art work?
-I think this work is fantastic and the apocalyptical concept is what we thought. Perfect.

When English isn’t your native tongue does that make it harder to say what you want in your lyrics? How important are the lyrics?
-Cause several bands in the world sings in English, Scorpions are German and they sing in English, the Accept and many other, the English is the Heavy Metal’s language, the lyrics contains motivational messages of searching for the good things in a world consumed by evil.

When you live in Brazil how easy is it to set up tours in America and Europe? What do you require to go in tour for it to be worth doing it?
-It’s not easy for the band to travel, it’s really expensive, we need a good manager to take us to the roads.

What would you like for the future to bring to Pastore?
-More CDs, concerts and kilometres to be past.

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