With so many cool bands out there to check out I offer you some minor guidance by introducing you to PAZUZU. Answers by Steven (bass).
Anders Ekdahl ©2020

Was it hard to come up with a name? What does the name mean to you? How important is it to have the right name?
-Well first of all, thanks for this huge opportunity it means a lot for us as a Band.
Regarding your Question, the name of a band is like the personality. It is something that you were born with as an innate part of being, that comes with itself. Music could be described like a strong character that has been forged and worked through each member of the band to, musically speaking, achieves a satisfactory result for us as a Group and therefore for those who purchase the material and support it.
So, to have the right name you have to choose it, keep in mind the whole idea that surrounds the band itself.
The name, the music, the lyrics, the artwork; all these complements one another and they are not separate elements.

Who would say have laid the foundation for the kind of sound you have? Who are your heroes musically and what have they meant to you personally and to the sound of your band?
-I can tell you that Pazuzu has 4 members that are crazy about music, so taken those bases of each one as individuals we have tried to ensemble and representing that in the band, we have managed the solid bases to make the deep sound that we have specify. We all have bases like: Black Sabbath, Acheron, Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Grave, Unleashed, Entombed, Transgressor, Paradise lost, Early Anathema & My Dying Bride, Decomposed (UK), Anatomia, Goatlord, Beyond Belief (just to mention a few without not significant order) thereof ,for all the above bands previously mentioned (and many more) our sound has emerged.

When you play slow do you have to think differently arranging the music than if you play faster and vice versa?
-Leaving behind the technical aspect or “virtuosity” that involves playing fast, I can tell you that actually is much more complex to play a slow and dense one, making a riff that has those two ingredients (dense and slow) is even more difficult and not just for the sound but to make us feel satisfied it gets harder sometimes than when we’re in fact playing or creating a fast riff.

Will your music work in a live environment? What kind of stage environment would best suit your music; a big stage or a small club?
-Pazuzu has only performed live once, and it was in a very closed environment, for almost 100 people; the event was here in Costa Rica and was called “Considerado Muerto I” (you can actually check some of the videos on youtube) but Pazuzu can play in any environment as long as quality and sound of the equipment go according to our music and of course the event.
I may say that close spaces with good acoustic sound are the best places to enjoy an event.

It is very hard to be 100% satisfied. Everybody seems to be disappointed with something they have released. Is there something that you in hindsight would have done differently on this your latest recording?
-I think if we had a chance to do it all over again, we would do it the same way as we’ve done so far, with all its highs and lows.
From the circumstances we have taken action and everything we have done has brought us to where we are today, being 100% satisfied is like a utopia.
However who would we be without the mistakes (?) There would be no way to learn or to correct. PAZUZU is where it is indeed because of its actions and that does not exclude its potential errors.
Our latest work with Anatomia has us, certainly satisfied in every way.

Promotion can be a bitch. Even today with all different platforms it can be hard to reach out to all those that might be interested in your music? What alleys have you used to get people familiarized with your band?
-In fact the only digital platform that we use is Band camp (here you have the link: and beyond that we do not have profiles nor social networks such as Instagram or Facebook.
Certainly we have used digital spaces as YouTube to promote our releases but we also have contacts in many places worldwide and that has help us to position the band outside the country, in this way has been much more complicated to be honest because it requires constant effort and work, but has been accomplished so far.

To me art work can be the difference between bust or success. What to you is a great front cover? What should a cover have to make it great?
-As you say, art is a fundamental part of the essence of a work: a demo, ep or full. Art must be intrinsically linked to the lyrical and the musical concept as well, so the whole ensemble will be an artistic representation of the band. If the art immediately surprises the ideas of what it may contain, they begin to flow, and if that content is consistent, it is when that material generates impact and blows your mind.
There are albums with not so good or great covers but they are magnificent and also good albums but with covers that it might create mistrust.
But, it is also important and necessary mentioned that the art totally depends on the taste of each consumer because at the end of the day is the one that will stablish if satisfies their expectations or not.

Do you feel that you are part of a national scene? Is a local/national scene important for the development of new bands?
-Costa Rica is a very small country and as if to say that is important for a band to be part of a scene, here in particular would be ridiculous, although we can mentioned that a few people in our country support us and buy our material, most of that material is actually acquired abroad and as a matter of fact, without that international support, the band could hardly survive.
Probably for some bands it is important to be part of the little metal scene in Costa Rica but for Pazuzu is nonessential. In other countries with a larger scene population, yes, local support would be crucial but here is not the case.

I could just be me but I got the feeling that the live scene is not what it used to be. Could be that more and more people use the net to discover bands instead of going out and supporting new bands live. What is you experience with the live scene?
-There is a desire to keep everything as it was, but as everything in life eventually change and that sucks most of the time.
Metal is not the exception, as we know only a few remain in this line (“Old school” so to speak).
The few who remain in the “old school” are those who maintain that essence of live music, and in fact, only a few of the younger generations are those who are genuinely interested in the scene and support them in that way.
So taken back to the main topic, all the members of the band have assisted to a live performance and of course we have supported and actually, we always support the bands in many ways, not just assisting, however not all of us have had the chance to go abroad and enjoy an international festival for personal reasons, but I can tell you that anything will get over the experience and the chance to enjoy and meet your favorite bands on a live concert.

What does the future hold?
-Pazuzu is on his way to get the full album maybe by 2021 (hopefully) and should be release by Dunkelheit Produktionen someday.
All the scenarios have changed due to the global pandemic but; the band is still focus and working on it.
For now, the reedition of our demo will see the light thanks to the German label Dunkelheit Produktionen in CD & LP format in addition to this also our Split 7 ”with Anatomia which will also be released this 2020.
Thanks to Battle Helm for this interview and a brutal hail to the monsters behind the two sickest labels in the globe: Ever from Osculum Cruentum and Bernd from Dunkelheit, cheers brothers!

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