PENTARIUM is a melodic death metal band from Germany. You should check them out. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

How important is the band’s name in giving out the right kind of vibe?
-It’s pretty hard to get a special vibe out of „just“ a bands name. More important is the font style or the logo or the artwork of the band to get a quick look at the vibe or the music.

I wanted to start a band in the 80s but couldn’t find the right people to do so with. What was it that made you want to do the band?
-That is simple to explain: Just a few guys who started learning instruments and wanted to form a band. And so it began. More and more friends joined the band and we started covering our favorit bands and then started making our own music.

With so many genres and sub-genres of metal today what is your definition of the music you play?
-That’s a fast answer: We make Melodic-Death-Metal. Even if we got told that we make „Metalcore“ a few times yet.

How do you arrange the tracks? Is there a method to how you arrange the songs on a record?
-Yes there is a method to arrange the tracks for us. First of all we all listen to the songs very often and very intensive. Then we talk about our impressions and arrange everything with what makes most sense to us. Start with a hard, busting and booming track than get a bit of variety through the album (mix softer and harder songs) and at the end we let everything fade out with a rather chill song.

I am fascinated by how people can still come up with things that hasn’t been done before, chord structures that hasn’t been written, sentences that hasn’t been constructed before. Where do you find your inspiration to create?
-The inspiration to write music and lyrics can be found everywhere. It just strikes you when you are doodling some riffs on your guitar or bass or drums or keys or whatever you’re playing. Of course we are some kind of influenced by our favorite bands like Amon Amarth, In Flames, Equilibrium, Kataklysm and so on.
For example the lyrics to our song „Nordlicht“ wich means northern light were written in Finnland while we were on vacation.

How important is the graphic side of the band? How much thought goes into art work etc.?
-First of all we got a concept drawing of our artworker Björn aka Ilskar Art for our Album Schwarzmaler and then just changed it out of some kind of gut feeling until everyone was happy with it. So our mascot „Alfred“ was created. We decided to bring him on our album „Zwischenwelt“ as well.
How much work goes into the art work is hard to say. It depends on Björns work and our ideas we want him to draw. The artwork for „Zwischenwelt“ was pretty easy. The basic structure was given really fast but all the details took a bit of time.

I get the feeling that more and more metalheads too are just downloading single tracks. Is the album as relevant today as it was in the 70s and 80s? Is digital killing the album?
-We think that sadly the album is not as relevant as in the 70s or 80s. But that’s just the progress of technologie. Every band has to go with the time and technic given. The digital streaming or downloading isn’t really killing the album for us. Fans who want to buy the album will buy it anyhow. If it is as a physical version (CD) or a digital download is not that important to us.
But we noticed that the digital sales are going up way more than the physical ones.

Are we killing our beloved metal scene by supporting digital downloading or can anything positive come from supporting single tracks and not albums? Will the fan as we know him/her be gone soon?
-The tracks or the album is mostly about putting your music out there and get it heard by people. You want to reach as many people as possible with the stuff you compose. Therefore we think there’s a positive part to buying single tracks. If somebody just likes one track of our album he can buy just this special track and that makes the fan happy and us too.
If the fan as we know him/her will be gone son is hard to tell. As a fact it is very hard to get rooms or locations filled as a small or lesser known band. Less people are interested in seeing underground acts because the world is flooded with (good) bands. We think that to many people are afraid of the „risk“ to pay for an evening of 3 bands that they may not like so they prefer staying home or going to bigger concerts. So it is really not easy to tell but as a no name act it will get harder and harder to get fans or people to your location/gig.

Is there a scene to speak of for a band like yours? Where do you fit in?
-Beforehand there is to say that we don’t like to think in „scenes“ in general. The whole „Metal-Brotherhood“ is more or less one „scene“. If you want to think that way. But for the fact that we make Melodic-Death-Metal music we would fit in the Death-Metal scene the most.

What does the future hold
-On 11th of May we will release our „Zwischenwelt“ album. Then we want to take the priority to playing live concerts. When will we hit the studio again to record new stuff? We don’t know yet.

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