I admire determined people. Putting together a musical project over two continents is no easy task. Interview with PERGANA, answered by composer/keyboardist Adrian Benegas. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you decide to form a band how long does it take from the idea is born to actually having a band?
-In my opinion, it’s never the same for all the bands. I believe that Pergana is still a growing project where I’m working on since 2009. In Pergana’s case it took me 2 years to found a stable formation to release the EP.

What came first, the idea for the band or the band name? Why the choice of Pergana as the name?
-First of all I’ve been playing in cover bands with some friends and then I felt the desire of express my own feelings, when I started to feel that necessity, I decided to create my own project and then I named it “PERGANA”, about the name, I can’t explain where it came from, because that experience is something I’d like to keep private. Hope you’ll understand.

We all have different baggage that we bring with us when we meet new people. How do you find the people that want to share the same musical vision?
-Well, it’s pretty difficult to find the correct people to work with. But anyway, I believe that every person in the band has a different point of view about the band and what the band helps him or her to accomplish. It’s not like everyone in the band has to have the very same goal. But the band needs to have a meaning for everyone.

When you have a singer that is French and a rhythm section that is German and you yourself live in South America how do you go about getting things done? Does having people spread out diminish the feeling of it being a band?
-Of course, it could be better if everyone is near or live in the same country but as a project it has worked very well. The Holzwarth brothers recorded as sessionists so, we hadn’t any inconvenient, with the internet the distance is shorter. On the other hand, the French singer, Audrey, went to Paraguay for 15 days to work on the single and EP. But as I said, as a project it has worked very well.

How did you get the Holzwarth brothers to play on your record?
-It happened in 2008, when I got in contact with Alex asking him if he could record an EP as sessionist because in that time, his band Rhapsody of Fire, stopped working for reasons that everyone may know and because he is one of my favorite drummers, then he told me that his brother Oliver could record too because there wasn’t a bassist in the project yet, of course I accepted because it meant to have in my project two very skilled musicians and of course to fulfill a personal dream into music.

You have a Goth metal sound to the music but I can also hear a classical touch. How do you go about composing? What is it that you are looking for when you write songs?
-Well, first of all and always, I write the lyrics about some experiences that I’ve lived, and then, I compose the music for it. I just follow my musical feelings.

When you release a single and an EP what is it that stops you from doing a full album?
-We made a single and an EP to introduce Pergana to the people. As a new band, we thought that it would be better to release an EP first and give it for free for a “promotional period” to spread our music faster.

How hard is it to actually get your music heard? How do you know where to display it for people to discover it?
-At the beginning it was difficult but then it turned easier thanks to my friends and specially my girlfriend who did work hard with us in all the promotion since the release of the single. We have reached a several amount of fans in a short period which is awesome, the excellent reviews that we’ve received helped us spreading our music too.
To what use are the social media in spreading the word of the band? Is it just enough to create a page and then people will keep coming?
-I think the media is a powerful way to share our music, but that isn’t all, it is just the first step, all the promotion via Internet is great but I believe that another important thing is to make gigs and get in touch with all the people out there.

Where do you want to see Pergana go?
-In a near future, It would be great to release a full-length album and then start making gigs to meet all our fans, that would be awesome!

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