Death metal Is probably the most brutal form of metal there is. Don’t know if PERPETUAL are the most brutal band there is but I do like them. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

How important is the band’s name in giving out the right kind of vibe?
-We believe that the name is not important, the music is.

I wanted to start a band in the 80s but couldn’t fin d the right people to do so with. What was it that made you want to do the band?
-Probably the same as you but we were lucky to find people with the same idea.

With so many genres and sub-genres of metal today what is your definition of the music you play?
-Death metal.

How do you arrange the tracks? Is there a method to how you arrange the songs on a record?
-It’s a joint work between all the members of the band and the people in the recording studio.

I am fascinated by how people can still come up with things that hasn’t been done before, chord structures that hasn’t been written, sentences that hasn’t been constructed before. Where do you find your inspiration to create?
-The shitty world we have and the people who rule it are a great inspiration.

How important is the graphic side of the band? How much thought goes into art work etc.?
-Is a part of the disc creation process but very small compared to the musical section.

I get the feeling that more and more metalheads too are just downloading single tracks. Is the album as relevant today as it was in the 70s and 80s? Is digital killing the album?
-The album is less relevant now than in those years but we do not believe that digital is killing it, it’s another way of acquiring him that gets to places where the physical copy doesn’t.
Are we killing our beloved metal scene by supporting digital downloading or can anything positive come from supporting single tracks and not albums? Will the fan as we know him/her be gone soon?
-There is something positive, if you download songs from an album you do it after listening to the whole album. Having favorite tracks from an album is something that has been done before and will continue to be done.

Is there a scene to speak of for a band like yours? Where do you fit in?
-There’s a scene. There’s a lot of halls and promoters who support it. They just have to find us.

What does the future hold?
-We hope that the album will like as much as we like it and that we can do great things.

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