Swiss metal will always be Hellhammer/Celtic Frost/Coroner for me but there are other acts too. One being PERTNESS. Interview with Tom Z. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How hard is it to come up with a great band name?
Tom Z: The band name – originated already 20 years ago – was a crazy idea after some beer. Even if the name doesn’t make much sense we still keep it. An advantage is, that we stand nearly alone with this name. Searching „Pertness“ in internet – you immediately find us.

From what I understand you formed in 1993 but you didn’t release your first album until 2008. What did you do in the 15 years that passed between forming and releasing the album?
Tom Z: Pertness have been active more or less since 1992. We published our demo “Pertness” in 1998 and as a highlight we entered the stage as the opening act of Savatage, Metal Church, Warhead etc. Afterwards there were some long breaks, especially because of further educations. In this time Tom S. purchased the whole studio technology. Of course this meant a lot of work, but it was absolutely worth it. In 2008 “Seven Times Eternity” and in 2010 “From the Beginning to the End” were published. Now we are pleased about our new CD “Frozen Time” which is released through Pure Legends Records.

If you compare the three albums you’ve recorded how do they compare to each other?
Tom Z: The songs on “Seven Times Eternity” have been formed in a pretty long period of time. In these songs influences from our early years can still be heard. The songs on “Seven Times Eternity” are mostly offbeat songs and contain a lot of double-bass drum. On the album “From the Beginning to the End” we reduced the speed in general, otherwise the grade of heaviness was raised. The songwriting became more varied and the folk influences can better heard out. The songs on our new album „Frozen Time“ became partially rougher. However there are also rather quiet songs like „No more Messiah“ or „Lost in Time“ which pass almost as a „ballad“. In our opinion the new album is very diverse. There can be heard out various elements of Power-, Trash-, Folk- and Melodic Death Metal.

Can we speak of a Swiss metal sound? What would you consider to be your biggest influence(s)?
Tom Z: I don’t think Pertness is typical Swiss Metal Sound. Pertness sounds like Pertness. Although with Eluveitie and Excelsis two friendly bands operate in the same genre. All of us have different music-influence. A certain reason might be, that we two Toms are older than Chris and Märs. Bud if we had to name a common favourite it would probably be Iron Maiden. We try to take as less influence of other bands as possible. We will do our own music and sound like Pertness – nothing else.

How important is it that the art work for an album? How much do you have to say about the way the final draft looks like?
Tom Z: The artwork is very important. It’s a continuation of our last two CD’s. Once more the artwork was drawn by Georg Huber. The artwork fits perfectly with the lyrics of our songs. We determine the artwork together with the artist. Also the layout we did ourselves.

Is it hard to be taken serious if you play metal in Switzerland? What kind of scene is there for the type of music you play?
Tom Z: A few years ago there was only a small metal scene in Switzerland. Now this has changed in our favour. Unfortunately public Radio Stations are playing hardly ever Metal Bands (except Gotthard and Shakra). Mainly dialect-rock or Pop music is popular. Luckily we are supported by internet radio stations like or etc. Till now it was very difficult to enter the stage on major festivals. Of course we hope this will change in future.

With you being smack in the middle of Europe how easy is it to tour/play gigs?
Tom Z: We would like to play on a lot of festivals around Europe. This wasn’t easy in the past. Now with the new CD we are confident what the future brings.

What kind of responses have you had to the band so far? Have you noticed that the band gets better responses from certain areas?
Tom Z: Especially the album „From the beginning to the End“ got us very good feedback. Also the first reactions on the new album „Frozen Time“ are very good, even partly overpowering. Meanwhile we got very good feedbacks from whole Europe as well as from Amerika and South America.

What kind of feelings does it bring up when you realize that there are people who actually like what you do?
Tom Z: It is an indescribable feeling if we can prepare a good feeling to other people with our music – this makes us very proud.

What would you like the future to bring to you?
Tom Z: Now we eagerly await the responses to our new Album. Further the Video Clip from the Song „ Frozen Time“ will be published soon. If we had the opportunity to go on Tour, this would of course also be interesting, but we will see. And sometimes the next CD will follow for sure. We hope to play many concerts, especially on summer festivals we would like to enter the stage more frequent.
THANK you very much for your support!

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