PEST is one of the longest running Swedish black metal bands in modern time. If you haven’t checked them out already time is now. Answers by Equimanthorn. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

You guys have been going for what seems like an eternity now. How would you like to say that the progress of the band has matched your intentions from the beginning?
-We have constantly become worse with every year passed so everything is going according to plan.

How annoying is it when there are other bands named like yours? How do you avoid that the other bands reap the fruit of your hard labour, especially if they suck badly?
-Perhaps more annoying for them since they’ve all split up by now. If someone reap the rotten fruits of our labour I can only congratulate. Most Pest fans probably know which Pest they are listening to, and if they don’t they are probably as happy as ever anyway!

You have a new album to promote. How would you say that this one fits on the progression scale of PEST?
-It fits like a noose around the neck. We have developed a more varied style of playing during the years and there’s an aura of Heavy Metal hanging over the music nowadays. It’s still obscure and evil but we let certain elements shine through more than ever, even if they are not considered orthodox within the “Black Metal scene”.

When you are about to enter a studio how do you know that the producer you’ll be using will get you the sound that you want? What do you do if you come out with an album that sounds nothing like the way you want it to sound?
-If the sound isn´t good enough you probably have to start over from the beginning. But to avoid this we make sure we work with people who know what they are doing. This time we were aiming for an early 80´s Heavy Metal production and we got close enough. Fred Estby made a really good job I think.

How important is the way the cover to your albums look? Do you have a message that you want to get through with your art work?
-To us who grew up with music on vinyl the covers are very important. I mean, if you´re in a record store and you see Destruction´s “Infernal Overkill” for the first time you´ll automatically buy it because you think if the music is half as good as the cover it’s still better than anything else. Then you come home and put the needle to the record and you realize it is better than anything else. Same with “The Crowning Horror” I hope! But to the new generation who are happy with having the music as mp3´s among their other one million mp3´s on their computer it probably doesn´t mean shit.

What kind of role do the lyrics play in the concept of PEST? How important are they?
-They play a great role. It´s the unholy unity between the music and the lyrics that creates the sound of PEST.

Would you say that your black metal is more true than the symphonic kind for example? When did black metal become a myriad of styles? What is black metal to you?
-Don´t know who is more true than the other, but I would definitely say our music is better! I didn´t know Black Metal is a myriad of styles, in my world there are two kinds: the great kind and the worthless kind. My advice is that you pay less attention to the second alternative.. Black Metal to me is the first Bathory album, when it comes to genuine Black Metal this one is unbeatable.

What kind of state is the Swedish black metal scene in today? How much of a scene is there really?
-There are a bunch of active bands that I know of. The most important is Nifelheim, who still keep an incredibly high level.

How much a touring entity is PEST? What kind of live show do you put on?
We don’t play live, so we don’t have to bother about this.

What kind of future would you like to see?
-Darkest possible.

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