If you haven’t discovered PLECTOR yet I’m sorry to say that you are too late. With a farewell album out now this might be the last chance you have to get acquainted with the band. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

From what I understand this is the last thing we will hear from your guys. How hard is into make a decision like this?
-Well it’s always hard to give up something that’s been so important to you but when the commitment isn’t there anymore is better just to be honest about it. Faking progress is not our thing.

How much do you sacrifice as you are trying to get your band going? How much can you sacrifice before it becomes too much?
-When you’re doing everything on your own it’s basically a fulltime job while having a paying job on the side to finance the whole thing. Booking your own shows and paying for everything (logistics, recordings, distribution etc.). But I know of bands that have sacrificed a lot more and are still struggling so we’re not unique at all.

When you look back at what you actually achieved with the band what kind of highlights have there been?
-There’s certainly a few. The first time in the states was kind of a rip off deal though but the second time around was great in terms of being on the road with awesome and true people.

Do you think that you’ve made the prefect swansong album with “Punishment Day”?
-Compared to the previous album we’ve improved a lot but perfect no (laughs).

What would you do if the album all of a sudden takes off and this is actually you break through album?
-That would be a big surprise but we’re not naive. As long the people who would like to listen to our music can do so it’s satisfying enough. What counts as a breakthrough these days anyway (laughs)?

When you know that there will be no continuation after this album how do you motivate yourself to promote it?
-That’s for the record label to answer.

How hard is it to promote a band in this day and age when there are hundreds of bands on all different social media just waiting for a chance to bite?
-Well our decision to quit pretty much says it all. A band’s success can’t only be measured in YouTube views. I mean, only 60 gigs during a 6-year period is just pathetic.

Do you feel any bitterness that you haven’t reached further than you have?
– I’m bitter as fuck (laughs)! Maybe we were never meant to reach the bigger stages. It is what it is, damn deal done.

How do you want the band to be remembered?
-As a couple of random guys in flannel that played heavy music.

What will you do now that the band won’t be there for you?
-I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll record a demo on my own and see where it leads or join some other project. I just wanna have fun without the pressure of trying to make it big you know.

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