Cheesy to some, undeniable fun to others – whatever the case, Powerwolf are a happening band with their cool canine camp opera – Shan Siva joins Matthew Greywolf in barking at the moon!

1.Firstly can I say what an immense pleasure Powerwolf have been to me right from when I first heard “Lupus Dei” to seeing you guys at the Rock Tower Festival in Lubeck last year as you guys rocked that little Triebsand place!!

Thanx, though I remember this show as none of our better ones to be honest! A quite a small stage, we had to drop most of our stage decorations and could hardly move on stage. Well, maybe that makes this show a very basic and in a way intense one then LOL!!

2. Do you feel you have the same thing in common with bands like Lordi and Alestorm who also seem to have a slightly cheesy look but have cool singalong songs and are interested in giving the crowd a good show that worrying about their image?

No, I don’t feel like we have much in common with the mentioned bands. But of course you got a point there with the image thing though we don’t worry about it not because we don’t care about the cheesiness, but because we simply love doing that! A good metal show should be maximum entertainment, we love to deliver that and so we do.

3. The sound of the band seems to be a mixture of heavy metal (specifically Iron Maiden) mixed in with opera and a horror theme so is that how you guys see Powerwolf and was that something that you decided when you formed the band?

I actually don’t really remember what we had in mind when we started, but since we never had drastic changes in our sound and image I guess we unconsciously had exactly this in mind, though we never plan anything. I think the sound is a result of the people involved. Attila’s style of singing brings in that dramatic, operatic element, then there’s this obvious obsession about Iron maiden like songwriting, the church organ, all of this contributes to the sound of Powerwolf, we don’t have to follow any masterplan to achieve this, it just happens.

4. Speaking of when you started, is it true that you formed it in a bar when you met your Romanian vocalist Attila Dorn – how many beers did it take?!

Yeah, we were kind of intoxicated when we agreed to give this idea a try, ha ha don’t remember how many beers it took, but I take this as a hint it must have been quite some LOL. Well, it was just that strange idea that night. We actually felt like founding the band after Attila joined us for a session which was pure magic.

5. Is Powerwolf your first band or have you guys been around the block in other German groups?

We all have been around in other projects for many years, but none of which is in any relation to what we do with Powerwolf.

6. I heard also that Attila is an opera singer or at least classically trained so did he even listen to heavy metal before joining the band?!

The only metal album he knew back then was some Iron Maiden ‘best of’ compilation that made him want to sing in that style one day. In the mean time of course he has discovered a lot, but when we wrote our first album it was quite a strange thing talking about music with Attila since he didn’t know any of the stuff we knew. Which then again is a real gift when writing songs, as he wasn’t even able to think in these typical categories like ‘does this sound metal?’, ‘does this remind too much of any other band?’, as he simply didn’t know ha ha!

7. Where does the obsession with wolves come from? I’m guessing it’s from movies where in Western European culture it is beast of horror to be killed but I would also say having traveled personally to Turkey and Mongolia that the wolf is something different and can be a spiritual creature and also symbolize freedom, national pride and independence?

Absolutely. For me the wolf is the perfect symbol for heavy metal: a wolf is a mystic animal, wild, feared but also admired. A proud and independent creature. And there’s these wolf and werewolf myths in many cultures like u say…

8. There also seems to be an underlying theme of religion (or anti religion?) that goes beyond the bibles, organs, choirs and lyrics so is that true and can you expand on this a little please?

We all read a lot about religious topics. Not because of our image, but because we all have been fascinated by this long before we founded this band. Therefore it is in a way obvious for us to write lyrics on that matter. I would neither call it religious nor anti religious. We don’t judge, we just describe, and whenever it demands it we describe with tongue in cheek.

9. How was your show at Bloodstock? I think it’s the first time Powerwolf has played the UK so was it quite an honor to headline the Sophie Lancaster Stage?

The Bloodstock show was awesome and we never expected that, which makes it one of my personal highlights of the shows we played for “Bible of the beast”. It was our very first show in the UK and all we expected was that it would become hard to get people in front of stage and somehow convince them to stay there. We never expected so many dedicated fans there and such an enthusiastic crowd!

10. What are your future plans for Powerwolf? Whatever your ambitions I hope you will always be the same fun guys that have me so many people happy!

Well, I guess so, that’s who we are and what we do. Even if we’d try to, we couldn’t do anything else I guess about our plans: in ten days we’ll embark on the “Power of metal tour”, together with Sabaton, Grave digger and Skullfist, which is a great line up I think and will become a lot of fun. After that we will probably play more tours but one of our plans is to return to the UK as soon as possible!!!!

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