This is yet another Italian band that I had no idea existed. Check them out by reading this interview with PRIMO VESPERE. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

What is Venice like to be a metal band in?
-All the members of the band are born in Venice, and every time we walk through its streets, which are called “calli”, we fall in love with this city. So we think that talking about Venice, or representing it, with the music we play, is a way to tell people how we are chained, in all senses, to our city.
Venice is a great place to live and to take inspiration from, but it’s difficult to build up a proper metal scene around here, there are few places where to play despite the high number of metalheads around here.

Can you please explain your band name for us not that well versed in foreign languages?
-“Primo Vespere” is a Latin expression meaning “dusk”, the first star that becomes visible before twilight.

Death metal isn’t just one style anymore? What is so great about Swedish death metal of the more melodic kind?
Melodic Death is great because it combines melodic elements with extreme elements; we are all fans of death metal!
Music is characterized by melody, harmony and rhythm. Every component is necessary to write a song played by real instruments. Thus we think that writing a melodic and harmonized song is a necessary way to create music.

When you release an EP what is it that you expect that record to do for the band? How well do you feel that the EP did for the band?
-We recorded an EP because we wanted to make an experience in a studio and also because we wanted to know in which way our music would be expressed in a recording. Then obviously we used the EP to say to people: ”We are Primo Vespere, this is our music. If you like it, follow us!”. So, when Moonlight Records wrote us, we felt very glad because that was the signal that someone approved our way to write and play metal music.

When you have a keyboard player in the line-up what is that this instrument adds to your sound?
-We insist to underline that we have not a keyboard player, but a piano player. Anyway, we think that the use of keyboards in metal music is not something unusual, because every band has its musical language and to realize our musical language we need a piano player. This is because our reference in the composition act is classical music’s language, in particular romantic music (like Brahms, Berlioz, Schumann, for example), and with keyboards you have more possibility of expression.

What really is progressive when we speak about music?
-What does it mean progressive? for our opinion it means “Learn from the past, but don’t replicate it. Go on!”. We don’t like the etiquette “progressive”, because it’s a limitation, in fact a real “progressive” band is unique, and if we identify it with other bands, it loses its particularity.

You have an album to promote now. How well did it turn out the way that you expected it to do?
-Our hope is that people could understand our love for metal music and appreciate it. We also know that it’s not simple to get known in this musical Era, especially for a non-genre like ours, but we’ll try to reach our goal as it’s possible, with sacrifice and fun at the same moment.

How hard is it to find the right kind of people to work with that understands your vision for your music? How open are you to compromise when you are in the studio?
-You’re right, it’s not simple because every member of the band has its own vision of music. Usually everyone writes songs on his own or in pairs and then we analyze the song written. Many times someone get angry because his song is not appreciated, but we are a band and we have to decide together which music is really good for Primo Vespere.

How much importance do you put on art work and lay out? How important are the lyrics to you guys?
-Lyrics are a very important component of a song, because they can say directly what the music on its own could not say. They are thoughts told in story form, and when they are in consonance to the music, they earn more effectuality.
A band is not done only by an auditory element, but also a visual element. the group’s image is almost as important as the music because it is an active element in it while listening. Artwork is very important to us. All our graphics are made by Davide (singer, nda), so we’re sure that our ideas go straight to the eye of the observer, without being modified by anyone else who could misunderstand our intentions.

What do you expect the future to bring to you?
-Our hope is that the future could bring a continuous and substantial growth of our band and music, and also to give fun and all that emotions you can feel only by playing your music to the people.

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