PROJECT MARS seemed a promising prospect when I first came upon them. I had to interview them and my questions were answered by Jason Connolly. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Does being Canadian bring with it a certain standard set by other hardrock/metal bands that you have to live up to?
Jason Connolly: Yes I find that all upcoming Canadian rock bands are faced with living up to the modesty and sheer talent created by bands like Rush, City In Color, Tragically Hip, Nickleback etc. These are big shoes to fill and make it hard to create a new sound and of course new standards for what is now such a narrow minded society, we hope that taking our hard rock/ metal rifts and powerful vocals will bring a new standard to music today which I find to be the fundamentals of Hard Rock.

When you go south of the border do people treat you differently because you are foreigners or are they oblivious to your origin?
Jason Connolly: If people are aware of our origin, which is something that most hard rock fans do not really care about, I think there is an unwritten respect for Canadian musicians seeing that there is way fewer opportunity compared to countries like USA or the U.K. This being said people always enjoy a good old Canadian band every once in a while.

Do you draw from a specific Canadian music tradition? Where do you find your main influences coming from?
Jason Connolly: I think that most of our material is based off of pure intuition and feel; we try not to let the corporate side of things get in the way of our writing process. I think our best material comes from good old party jams as we call them where the band just lets loose forgetting about direction all together concentrating on just having as much fun as possible. Our influences are very vast as every member has numerous individual musical influences, going from classic rock to the demented sounds of grind core we all try to take a little from every area to create what is known as Project Mars.

Your music seems best suited on stage in dark arenas. How much of a touring band can you be in this day and age when we hear alarming reports on how the music scene is dying?
Jason Connolly: I’m not too worried about it, Rock has stood the test of time and will continue to into centuries to come this is just the man’s way of keeping control over the public with club music so that they can use the power of sex to sell their corporate garbage. I think this is just a transition similar to the disco era back in the 70’s which died out after a while because it got boring to listen to cause it was the same song over and over again, which is exactly the way it’s going today cause really they are out of ideas because they are resorting to incorporating good old rock rifts such as smoke on the water, sad but true, sweet child of mine, these are all songs that stand the test of time and is the only way that type of music is still holding on. So basically I’m already starting to hear bands coming back to their roots with hard catchy rifts that just get your head banging and of course starting to bring back guitar solos which I think every good rock song to ever come out needs. So I hope that we can continue to help bring the legendary sound of rock back to society in a new but similar way.

I understand that Project Mars went through a bit of a rough patch even before you really got off ground. How tough is it to come back again after a blow like that?
Jason Connolly: I think that every band has their rough times and I think it was in the best interest of the band to explore other opportunities to broaden our horizons musically and socially. The band has had nothing but success since 2010 with the new line up and we will continue to pursue our career in music till we can’t physically or mentally do it anymore. This debut album which has not even hit the market yet is just the beginning for Project Mars. It was hard to come back but anything is possible if you put the time and effort into it.

When you know that your album will be released in September how do you make the best of the time until that happens?
Jason Connolly: We’ll we just go out and play as much as we can and have fun with it and keep people wanting more hoping that when the album finally comes out they will all rush to get it lol. That being said we look forward to going on tour this summer and anticipate great success.

When something is described as alt rock that to me signals more of a promotion ploy than saying anything substantial about the actual sound of the band. What kind of sound would you say the Project mars have?
Jason Connolly: We like to leave that up to the listener’s point of view, we have been described as hard rock, metal, grunge, rock, alt rock, but in my personal point of view I don’t care how people see us as long as they like what they hear that’s all that matters. As well I would say we are all of the above mashed into one.

Is alt rock a fancier way of saying that you are grunge?
Jason Connolly: I guess so in a way but I think that it really means that your sound is of the rock origin but your just are unsure what to actually call yourself. So really I don’t know what to call our style but I know it’s not alt rock that was just something someone said one day and it stuck but I thing grunge was in its own area and I think that alt is more or less hard rock but that s just my point of view.

What does the success of a band like Nickelback mean to the interest of fellow Canadian bands? Does it bring with an increase in people’s desire to check out you too because of the fact that you too are Canadian?
Jason Connolly: I think it brings a certain interest to all up and coming Canadian bands to an extent this could be a bad thing and a good thing seeing that Nickelback has a 50/50 fan base 50% love them and think they are the best thing to happen to music and 50% which I see as all the musicians that hate them because of their success are as a rock band. I don’t think that their success will bring any more attention to us as a Canadian band because we have a slightly heavier sound and we seem to have respect from fans and fellow musicians for now lol.

I’ve tried figuring out what the band name stand for but I’ve come up empty handed. What’s behind the band name?
Jason Connolly: Well that’s a funny story before settling on Project Mars, we had a few other names such as 3 feet from mars (drummer), sound addiction, but we did not get good response to them so whenever we got our masters from our first demo the engineer did not know the name we were under so he wrote the mars project on the master copy so we just turned it around and liked the ring so we kept it. In 2010 when we formed as a band with the new line up we gave it new meaning, going more towards the top secret way like a secret Gov. Project. Seeing how we mainly write about our political views, war, and personal matters we figure its sounds pretty catchy and has more meaning.

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