It wasn’t that long ago I interviewed PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT for the first time but since then things has happened that made in necessary for a new interview with Virginia. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

Things seem to be moving for you now. How come you signed a deal with Soulseller?
-Oh well everything is going really fast since i post a song on youtube. I wasn’t expecting anything at all back then.. And it seems like a dream even nowdays .Few months ago we were working on our first album “The Vision” and i wrote an e mail to Soulseller asking if they might be interested in releasing the album. I wasn’t expecting anything to be honest. But then Jorn answered me,he was very interesting about the project,listened to few demos that we have and decided to offer us a record deal.He really believed in my vision for Psychedelic Witchcraft and give me absolutelly freedom with this album, truly embracing my vision.

How do you notice that the interest for the band is growing?
-Honestly i still don’t know if it is true or not. I mean it’s happening so fast since the beggining, especially on the social media. But since we played a lot here in Italy what we are looking for is too proove outside our country that we are here to stay.Social Media are really important for promotion but on the other hand i think you always have to stay grounded and realize that Facebook is not the real life. We want to proove on stage our value working hard and connecting with people at live shows.

The type of metal you play is to my ears very genre oriented. Do you feel that you have the potential to break out of that genre and attract more listeners that wouldn’t otherwise listen to your kind of metal?
-I think honestly that Psychedelic Witchcraft is not a metal band at all. What surprised me the most in the beggining was the attention that the metal community had towards my music. I never planned to do a metal band, i just wanted to mix the stuff that i like to create something that i would love to listen. I think we are basically a rock band with lots of influence from the 60′ and the 70′ that use occult metaphores to express feelings and emotion.I have no master plans for attracting listeners. We just do what we love in the way that we like the most. And everyday i have to thank people, that supported us since the beggining, because it’s only because of them that my music is out there.

How important is stuff like old movies and art for the mood you try to create with PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT? I get vibes of old Italian horror movies and Hammer films when I listen to your music.
-Absolutelly. It’s very important. I always been a major fan of horror movies since i was a kid and the idea was to create a vibe that reminds those old movies. Not only for what concearns the music but as well for imaginary. I loved the way Ingrid Pitt or Caroline Munro performed in their movies, they were sexy but classy at the same time. And even if the movies told creepy story directors like Mario Bava or Dario Argento and many others, told those story in a classy and epic way. I was inspired and i am still everyday by that vibe.

What is image to you and how important is it for a band in creating a persona?
-Image is important to truly express yourself with music. I never wanted to create a fake character or to pretend to be something i am not. What i wanted to do is to be honest with people and try to create as much as i can an honest music. Music is magic and that magic happens when even one person can feelwhat you are feeling with a song,and can empathize with it. So even when i am inspired by the past and as i said before by old horror movies is just expressing myself, because that’s who i am and what i love.i never planned to built something theatrical or fake. Honesty is the key for Psychedelic Witchcraft.

With this new album that you have how do you feel that the music has progressed?
-Oh in my opinion a lot since the Ep. The ep was made basically only by me i wrote all the lyrics and the music for it. With ” The Vision” was different. I wrote even for this album the lyrics and thw music but this time i just put the basis for it, and then my bandmates really hepled me growing as a musician,and i think we are finding our own sound right now. They helped me building the songs and improving, i couldn’t do that on my own.

What is it that you want to achieve with your music?
-As i said before i just want to achieve Honesty and create a music that is personal and not a copy of something that already exist,at least try to do that. I never had in mind to sign a fancy record deal or having success, i just did it because i truly love music and wanted to share my own music with people, my bandmates as well embrace totally this vision. So we are just doing what we love and we will see what future will bring.

Italy has a hell of a lot of cool bands but there don’ seem to be any sort of interest or pride for them like there is in Sweden where the metal scene is a very important part of spreading Sweden to the world. Is that just me being totally wrong?
-Italy is a beautiful country but very hard to live especially for music. No one really cares about music or this genre here, and there is not so much pride about bands. I am sorry to say this but only few people really helped us here in Italy and were pride of music. Most of the promoters don’t want to work with italian bands, and we had and still have hard times here. Which is very sad because i know as well lots of amazing musician here in Italy and cool bands,but they are more appreciated abroad than here. Hopefully one day this will change.

How will you go about promoting this new album?
-Oh well we are playing shows here in Italy as usual and we are already playing new songs at live shows.We are looking forward to play even outside Italy.

When will we see you touring the world?
-Ahhahaha oh well when they will call us. We are trying to organise a little tour and we are doing what we can to go outside Italy and play.

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