PUTERAEON should be a familiar name to those of you who like your death metal Swedish. Answers by Jonas. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Your new album is out now. There seem to be an increase in interest for old Swedish death metal going on now. Can you too benefit from this renewed interest?
-Hi There! Well I don’t think that we will not benefit from this. Doesn’t really matter though, we really love this style of death metal and that’s why we play it. I think we will continue diong this as long as we think it’s fun, no matter what people think of it. BUT of course it’s more fun doing the thing you love when other people love it as well. I think that people might want more than the old bands that are not around anymore, or those who are, who are not as interesting as they once where. No one named, but i think it’s great that people seem to remember what death metal should sound like, and not that newer crap that is labeled “death metal”. That new shit with bands with 4 word bandnames, using vocals that are something new shitty, screamy, but nothing like death metal vocals. That’s just crap.

I have never penned an album, let alone a second one. How hard is it to not repeat what you did on the previous one and still not lose that which made that one special?
-We try making new songs, and we don’t think that much on how the album will sound. WE try making it interesting to ourselves. There is never an idea that we want to do this or that, we just want the songs to be good. Some people might say that we have progressed since the new album is a little bit faster than the first one, but I don’t see it like that. It just happens to be that these songs are a little bit faster. Maybe next time the songs will be a little bit slower. If we would have recorded “The Esoteric Order” today I’m sure it would have sounded almost like it sounds on album. Maybe some stuff would be different but that is mainly sound wise, song wise I think it is still super and needs not to be changed. So in that sense, you know, we don’t want to progress, start doing music that doesn’t fit our view on what Puteraeon is. That was one of the things with the band name, Puteraeon (rotten Aeon), to stay rotten, don’t change because of what people might want or whatever, but to stay rotten, dirty and distorted.

Would you say that you follow in a Swedish death metal tradition? What would that tradition be?
-I think we do in a way yes. We come from Sweden and we play death metal. So in that way, yes. But also we are very influenced by the old Swedish scene. Bands like Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Unleashed, At The Gates, but also other non-Swedish bands like Bolt Thrower, Morgoth, Napalm Death, Autopsy. So i don’t know, but i guess it’s a blend you know.

When you are about to sign with a label how much of a gamble is that?
-There’s always a bit of a gamble, luckily I think it turned out really good with Cyclone Empire. I feel that they try to push for us as much as they can, and they are also diehard fans of this music so that feels great.

What do you feel that you’ve gotten from Cyclone Empire that you’d never ever have gotten on your own?
-Obviously they have much wider connections than we have ourselves and it feels good to have some stuff served on a plate for you, even though we try pushing the band as much as we possibly can ourselves. It would have been hell of a lot more work to do if we didn’t have Cyclone Empire. We are very pleased with our relationship with them.

How much of a compromise is it to be signed to a label instead of doing it on your own?
Well we haven’t compromised anything so far I think. But we always discuss with them, but so far we’ve done what we wanted. Perhaps other labels try changing the artist for whatever trend they feel is suitable, but I haven’t felt that with Cyclone. As I said, everything has worked really fine with them.

When you release a new album what is it that you want to get out of it? Do you have goals for it?
-We just want to do as good a album as possible. As i said earlier we focus on the songs and try writing as good and catchy songs as possible. So i guess the goal for us is to be as satisfied as we could with every release. It’s just a work in progress in a way. When we’re finally done and the album is released its complete. Until then everything could happen, and the songs go through a lot of transformation until they finally are recorded on the album. That’s one of the things that differ between “Cult Cthulhu” & “The Esoteric Order”, we have put a lot of more time and effort in arranging the songs this time, and in my ears and my mind I think these songs will last longer because of it.

How do you build a following in today’s metal climate? Is playing live still as good a tool as it always been?
-We can’t afford to play live as much as we would want to, but we try doing more videos and such stuff, promoting the band on internet and so. But we do play live and I think that is an excellent way to promote your band as well.

What does it give to go on tour with a bunch of other bands on these package tours that a tour on your own wouldn’t give you?
I don’t really know, bigger exposure perhaps. We haven’t done that yet. We hope for more festival gigs, to reach out for a bigger audience, because as i said in the previous question, we can’t afford to do much of these small tours. We all have daytime jobs and families to support, and even though we love what we do, we’re not going to live life like a dream and take bank loans to support a small rotten tour. We’re too old for that.

What future do you envision for Puteraeon?
-We take it day by day. Right now we started rehearsing for some shows this autumn and also plan our next video, which will be released during the autumn. At the same time we might start writing new material as well. Thanks for the interview! Add us on facebook, check out our website at http://www.puteraeon.com and follow us on youtube and twitter! Cheers!/ Jonas

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