QUAKE THE EARTH is yet another Finnish band. No, I don’t mean that in a bad, tired way. I think it is cool that there are so many great Finnish bands for us to discover. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Is it great to be a part of the Finnish metal scene or is it a burden having to live up the standard set by others?
-Well for myself I consider having been a part of Finnish metal scene for about 15 years now with my (Aki) previous bands and have worked in a metal record/distribution/promotion company also so it’s always an honor to fight for a shot in the spotlight. It is true that only a small amount of bands from Finland are known throughout the world that are kinda giving name to Finnish metal but the music scene here is pretty varied and skilled. I feel we are offering something new as a Finnish “metal” band.

How would you like to define your sound? How hard is it to find your own sound?
-We define our sound as metal influenced hardcore that has elements from different genres. We try to create original music by honoring our influences and using our skills. Main thing for us is to make music that we like to listen and play live. We have not yet found anyone who could compare us direcly to any band even though some influences can be heard. That we are proud of.

What bands have been the most important in shaping your sound? How much can you take from other bands before you end up just a tribute band?
-I think we all have our different favourites and they are really varied. Even from melodic heavy metal to black metal. It is really difficult to name a few bands because of this fact. Live shows are our thing and our music comes from what ever we feel that is working live for us. Tricky question about that tribute thing and i think it’s in the ears of the one listening. Sometimes there are thin lines and we always avoid riffs that we know someone else has done (but are there any true riffs left that is undone in the end, I do not know).

How good does it feel to have a new record out? How scary is it to have a new record out? What if people won’t like it?
-Having a new record out is allways exciting and of course it’s interesting to hear peoples thoughts about it in good and bad. There’s a chance to learn from them and find new angles to think about things. Main thing is that the band van stand proud behind the album no matter what. It’s impossible to please everyone anyways but good feedback of course feels good and bad gives more motivation sometimes.

What kind of anxieties are there in letting go of something you’ve created and worked on over a period of time? How do you deal with the fact that other people will judge what you’ve created?
-Well critics can affect some of the sales and even selling gigs but when people find your album and dig it 100% thats the main thing. Albums are always previewed and as mentioned bot good and bad
comments give something for the future.

How do you go about finding the right kind of art work? How do you know what is right?
-Well we use our friends to create art for us how they see us and our messages. This time we feel it worked out right when you get deeper into our lyrics and power of the music at least for us. Art and music go hand in hand many times and its not the easiest task to do. Next one it will be something different again.

How much of a democracy is being in a band? How do you deal with things when everybody has different opinions?
-Our band is as democratic as possible. We try to discuss different matter with everyone for opinions and make compromises through that. Sometimes discussions can be a bit louder hahah. It is rare to have 5 different opinions but usually when you have good and clear reasons why something should be done somehow for example it is usually quite easy to find solution that fits all.

When do the band stop and the life outside take over? Is there such a thing as being too much into a band?
-Sometimes band time takes bigger part of your life (making an album or a tour for example) but then again later we can take a break and do different things. Usually the motivation for music takes over pretty soon though and we are at rehearsal place banging heads. We play normally 3-4 times a week to keep our trim perfect and create new stuff i the mix. But yes, we would not do it for 365dys a year 24h a day unless we would have a good tour going of course. Man needs to have other stuff to do aswell…

What plans do you have for promoting the album?
-Playing shows as much as possible and try to break out from Finland. We have plans for a tour in germany next fall and some shows in other countries. Work work work. We hope people find us little by little and we get to do new stuff soon too!

What would the ideal future look like?
-Touring – album – touring – album etc pretty basic stuff but we like to work it!

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