There seems to be a never ending amount of metal bands in Russia. It feels like I’ve just dipped my big toe in the lake that is Russian metal. My latest discovery is R-GENIUM. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

When you release a new recording does it feel like you have to start a new a couple step back because so much time has passed and so many new bands have entered the scene since the last album or do you just pick up where the last one left?
-New work-new chapter. At least it is so now. The first is not the second, the second is not the third. About willing to do something new: personally I always have some ideas I want to reveal. The thing is in time and physical opportunity to do it now! And in rationality of course: 2 albums in one year- don’t think that makes sence.

Do you have an aesthetic that you keep true to from recording to recording (i.e. stylistical same art work, lyrical theme etc.)?
-Yes! I think yes! I have a personal sense of music, art and the world , that runs through a lot of my creations. As for the lyrics of the album «Wonderful Wonderful World» – i want to believe, that we managed to create personal atmosphere of this album and artwork. I really want to believe!!!

How hard is it to come up with lyrics to the songs? When do you know that you have the right lyrics?
-Not hard for me! The idea of lyrics appears with the music and they are always connected for me. We have the idea – we have the song. But sometimes there are some difficulties: to combine the words and melody … .but not so often. Hah !!!! Right lyrics – an interesting question! This is probably something on the level of feelings. At some point I realize – hey Man! It’s All! The song is ready – another brick in the wall.

How hard is it to find the right art work? What are you looking for?
-I am always in search. First of all I am a creator and a songwriter. No problems and difficulties with it. «WWW» this is my perception of the world … Perhaps it’s selfish … .but in this work I wanted to show the world as I see it. This album – search of yourself in this world. Not only this, but to a large extent. I do not think that in the nearest future there will be something much to address this topic. This topic is interesting for me, but i think in coming years, I will not touch it again. There are many other areas to search for …

Do you ever feel that you get misinterpretated because of the metal you play?
-Yes. It was the case! But I think this is not always due to the fact that I compose Metal. Although sometimes actually perceive the text more brutal than it actually is. But I could be wrong.

Do you feel that you get the recognition you deserve, nationally as well as internationally,
-Hah! Undoubtedly, my biggest dream is international recognition as a creator! And to be able to give a lot of concerts in different countries and continents, for the fans of music!

Is the end of physical close by or is there a future for all formats?
-It’s digital age now. Physical media is not as important as, say 15-20 years ago Alas! It is a fact, for all people on the earth. But it’s progress and it moves forward. I do not think that CD finally will die but I do not think that they will be at the top of evolution … hahah

I get the impression that today’s touring scene is most made up of festivals or multiple band line-ups. Is it harder/tougher to tour today?
-Yes! I must agree with you. Unfortunately! The music market is oversaturated … a lot of information in the network …. Although maybe something else is causing this problem. Maybe the lack of global ideas from the new artists … Or maybe it’s just a modern trend and the decline of interest in heavy music for myself, I have no definite answer.

If you were to decide how would the stage show look like?
-It’s hard to imagine something that never happened something big , maybe combined with other forms of art. Also it carries a certain symbolism and meaning. No profanation! First of all art!

What does the future hold?
-Waiting for something new, that have been never heard or seen. Maybe not tomorrow or next year, but it certainly will come. Future has this property! We all live in a strange and unusual time. We should all keep the faith!

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