In a world were there are so many bands to keep track of I want to bring my two cents in presenting you to this interview with R.U.S.T.X. Answers by: Peter Pan Xanthou (Guitars & Vocals – RUSTX). Anders Ekdahl ©2019

A band name says more than thousand words, or does it? How important is a band name to get people interested in your music?
-We don’t think that a band’s name should weigh more over the band’s actual music in grabbing the listener’s attention. Is as if you see a person and start and talk about that person before even getting to know them. It is important for a band to have a good catchy name at the end of the day, it’s the band’s music that really matters.

When you finish a recording and then sit back and relax, what kind of feelings do you get? Are you glad it is finished? Does the anxiety grow, not knowing if everybody will like it?
-We do feel some anxiety of course but at the same time relief that we managed to complete it. You know the procedure right from the start; composing songs until actually being able to record them and then hear them live is quite a long and cumbersome process. You may be lost somewhere and a lot
of songs might not actually make the recording and simply remain as unfinished ideas or compositions. So when you hear the album after the recording you realise that you did a fantastic job and just hear it over and over again!

What is it like to be in a studio recording your music? What kind of feelings and thoughts race through your heads?
-Just about all kinds of feelings surround us. Love, hate, frustration, stress, happiness, etc. The thing is that because we are a family (in the literal sense!) and most of the times we speak straight forward to one another, each one of us might have any of the previously mentioned feelings at a certain time.
Many times we argue about a lot of things, even we yelling at one other but always for the good of our music. It goes without saying that after a short a period of time we always find our way back to normal. Of course when you record you want to add more stuff on your recordings like guitar parts maybe or an extra solo here or there, a special guest, more harmonies on the voice, etc. But this is a tricky part because most of the time there isn’t a lot of available time or we realise that we are simply over-exaggerating ourselves.

Today I get a feeling that the promotion of a band lands a lot on the bands themselves so how does one promote oneself the best possible way in order to reach as many as possible?
-Mostly by internet and live concerts. For us by signing with Pitch Black Records has helped us a lot both with promotion as well as with distribution. It’s something that each band of this planet has to decide – there are different ways of promoting your band but it’s up to you how you want it and what your expectations are. Of course it’s also a matter of the financial cost which should seriously be taken into consideration.

Today we have all these different sub-genres in metal. How important is that you can be tagged in one of these? Why isn’t metal enough as a tag?
-I think Metal has expanded so much and it stills continues to expand and the media (reporters, webzines and magazines) instantly put a label on something they hear that’s slightly different. It’s not a bad thing but neither a good thing. Music is Music and Metal is Metal! When you hear something that makes you feel good and have fun then you are a fan of that music. It’s as simple as that. The good thing is that Metal music since the early 70s has expanded so much that now has a fantastic name in the History of Music.

What importance is there in being part of local/national/international scene? Does playing in a band make you feel like you are a part of something bigger? I know it does to me knowing that in some slight way I was a part of the Swedish death metal scene in the 90s. Sometimes yes but sometimes no. Everybody since the day we were born we are a part of something bigger but the thing is that we have to find it during our journey in life. A lot of times it’s only a decision you make that will set you as part of that something bigger. When that opportunity comes in your way you have to take it. One thing that I strongly feel as a result of being in a band (and one that I enjoy) is the connection we have with other people who like this kind of music. Music is alive by itself and it always finds a way to reach the everyday listener who wants to hear a great song that will make him or her feel happy or sad.

Ever since I first got into metal the art work has been a main motivator in buying a record. What part does art work for album covers play in the world of the band?
-In one word this is called as Wagner wrote it in the 19 th century “Gesamtkunstwerk”! It’s very important to have great artwork together with a great album! It’s like with a great movie – a great movie needs a great soundtrack. When you try to unite different forms of art together you have a fantastic result. You have all the muses uniting together and you have a great “Music God” album. We have cooperated with a lot of artists and for our recent albums with the fantastic artist
Nikoletta Kyprianou who is also an excellent singer for the band Receiver. For our latest album we cooperated with the legendary epic fantasy artist Chris Achilleos. Always a pleasure working with them.

How important is having a label to back you up today when you can just release your music on any sort of platform online? With the ability to upload your music as soon as you’ve written it the freedom to create has become greater but are there any negative consequences to music being too readily available to fans now that every Tom, John and Harry can upload their stuff?
-I think that if you want to be heard as widely as possible in the world it’s a definite must that you sign with a label. But always be careful what you are signing of course!

What is a gig with you like? What kind of shows do you prefer to play?
-Endless party on a ride full of fantasy and reality! Welcome to our show with no end! We are an extremely energetic band on the stage and our energy is also transmitted to the crowd. We grew with “The Who”, AC/DC, Queen, Accep, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and many more VHS cassettes and we very into putting together a kick-ass show.

What lies in the future?
-Touring around the world, presenting our new album while finding time to compose new songs for our next album. The future is there for us to catch it. The only thing is that you have to keep dream and you have to always push yourself to the limit. Yeah!!! Our last words for this interview are
“Welcome to the light, on the top of the sea that leads you to the Center of the Universe” Rock on people and don’t stop dreaming because dreams do come true!


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