RADIATION SICKNESS was a blast from the past literally. I had not thought of them in 20 years plus until their latest CD dropped in on me. I just had to interview Doug Palmer. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Without disclosing my age (I’m ancient) I remember you guys from the 80s fanzine scene. What made you want to start anew as Radiation Sickness?
-Man I was in a world I did not belong in for far too long. I got back into the scene in Indianapolis and we did a one off show in 2010 and it led to all this. A new CD on Abyss records, a complete discography CD and DVD on Negative rea_ction records. I do not know how it happened so fast. Or even why. This dark underground is where I belong I guess.

When you come back even as an underground band does it surprise you that there are people out there that still remembers you?
-Well us ancient one’s (like us) no, but all the young kids yes. The people that were not even born when we split knew our music. Wow.

I’ve always thought of you guys as more of a grindcore band but the new stuff isn’t as wild and intense as I’d imagined. Have age softened you guys?
-No not at all. Just the opposite as a matter a fact. I am more pissed off with age. I have become more wise and understand how things work. Keep in mind the new songs on “Reflections of a Psychotic past where written in 92 or so.

How much of a political message was there to the band in the 80s? How relevant is it in the 10s?
-Well the message in the 80’s is you could change things. I have not seen a fucking thing change. The system gives you just enough to make you think you have something. Shit ain’t gonna change.

What kind of scene were you part of back in the days and how much has it changed over the years?
-A lot more bands today good bands. We play almost only bars and 18 and 21 plus shows now. Then it was all ages. Same people new faces. I love it.

How much ahs you guys kept in touch with the scene over the years? How easy was it to get back into old routines?
-I was gone for 16 years The balance being back is ruff. Kid’s (family first always) jobs, That is why it took so long to do this. Never enough time in life.

What was it that inspired you the first time around and what influences do you pick from today?
-Deviated Instinct, Carcass, Discharge, Slayer, Venom, Napalm Death. I still love them all today. Today I like Coffinworm, Nunslaughter, so many new good bands.

With so many minor labels out there how do you know to pick the right one?
I have known Danny from Abyss for 25 years it was simple. He works so hard on his label. Then the same with Mark from Negative Reaction.

What is it that you want to achieve this time around that you feel you missed out on the first time around?
-That is simple one goal European tour.

Is there a future for Radiation Sickness?
-Hell yes we want to play a lot and do as many split sevens as Nunslaughter.

Band: https://www.facebook.com/RadiationDoug

http://www.officialabyssrecords.com Abyss Records for shirts the new CD patches, stickers.

http://www.negativereactionrecords.com Negative Reaction Records for The Madness Begins 87-90 CD and DVD

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