RAGING AGE is another band that deserves to be discovered by you. So check out this interview and then check the band out. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

Just so we know what we are dealing with could you please give us a short introduction to the band?
-Well, Raging Age were born in September 2011, from 4 crazy men sharing a common passion: death metal. We all came from previous musical experiences in the metal scene since we were kids. Me (Fil), Thorkell and Erik have already collaborated together on an heavy metal project, but with Jeki’s coming we started a new path toward a more extreme direction

How important is the band name to you guys? What does it mean to you?
-Raging age means frustration, anger and anguish of living in this particular historical period. Neither future nor present: we are victims of power games and selfishness that gradually crumble the social fabric.

What was it that made you want to play the style of metal that you play? Was there a specific moment/artist/album that spoke to you?
-There is not a particular time of our life which determined our musical choices. Since we were young we approached to metal thanks to the most popular bands, notably Iron Maiden and Metallica. As our musical culture expanded we explored the most extreme frontier of metal, in other words death metal.

How do you as a band find your own sound? How much does environment play a part in how you sound? Is there a specific sound for your region/country pertaining to the style you play?
-Our songwriting is influenced by the most famous Northern Europe bands but you can find American and South European passages too: they give a personal touch that recalls our origins. Take our lyrics as an example: some of them deal with Mediterranean mythology, an aspect that binds us to our culture, our country.

Is art work and lay out still as important when more and more people download legally music to their phones or ipads/computers?
-Especially the true metal fans appreciate the visual aspect of the album as well as the sound quality. It is no coincidence that the image has already identified a band in the past: the fist of “Vulgar display of power” by Pantera, Helloween’s pumpkin and Eddie from Iron Maiden. So yes, the artwork undoubtedly plays a significant role in spite of the prevailing digital market.

Now that almost everybody has access to the internet and can reach out to the whole World how important is the community feel of a strong local scene?
-We think that the Internet is a very helpful means to promote and spread music. However, it is even more important to be active in the local scene, in order to come into direct contact with the public, to establish relationships with other bands and to grow.

How much does the climate you live (economical/political) influence you as a band?
-As already mentioned, the name of the band mirrors the reality of our country. Raging age reflects the desolation that comes from the lack of solidarity among men, the indifference of those who can help and instead turn their attention elsewhere, minding their own business.

How easy is it to get blinded by Facebook like when you know that you can buy them or a by countless hits on Youtube and think that you’ve made it big?
-It is increasingly easier being dazzled. But the Internet is a kind of mirage since “likes” on Facebook and views on You Tube can be “bought.” What really matters is the public’s tangible answer: how many people attend your concerts and how many records are sold. What if you gain popularity on the internet and then play in front of 10 people? It is not a big deal, isn’t it?

What would you say is so great about your new album?
-Regions of Sorrow is a concentration of fast riffs, sudden changes of time and evocative lyrics drawn from mythology and literature. The listener will not be disappointed.

What future us there?
-In these months we are planning a European tour in early 2014 to promote the album. Meanwhile the production is about to start, we have already started to write new songs.

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