RAVENLAND from Brazil are well worth lending some or your time to. If you like your metal goth-tinged then check them out. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How important is to Ravenland that you reach outside of Brazil with your music? What kind of scene is there in Brazil for your kind of metal?
Dewindson – Hello Battlehelm´s readers! It’s very important that our music achieve every places and possible hearts, but firstly outside of our country because the Brazil´s culture not came from Rock as less from Metal, really there are many fans of metal and rock here, lastly many foreign bands have coming to play here in Brazil, maybe out outside of Brazil, artists and producers believe that there is possible living of Rock/Metal here, it is wrong, look at the SEPULTURA, KRISIUN and ANGRA, these bands just were recognized and valued in Brazil after them had achieved the success outside of Brazil, if SEPULTURA or KRISIUN no has gigs and international tours every time, they would be in a formal work today. About our gothic metal scene in Brazil, there is a small scene, but there is. There are some labels that released albuns from international bands that play gothic metal, there are some few producers specialized in this kind of metal. There are many blogs, sites, radios specialized in gothic metal, dark rock too as many fans, but not just enough to we can get live here in Brazil by our music.

You have a new EP out now. What can you tell us about that one? Why not do a full album and be done with it?
Dewindson – About the EP, are 4 songs, one of them is a cover for “Fire in the Sky” song of Ozzy Osbourne and has 2 versions of the song “Memories” new song, being one of them in acoustic format, we recorded too a new version for “Regret” song, this time with complete band, it´s very cool this new version… The female vocals in this EP were recorded by Tatiana Berke, she made just one gig with us and we were cover/poster of a Brazilian magazine specialized in Rock/Metal, after that she left the band by personal priorities. On the last October we presented our new official singer Juliana Rossi alive in a gig beside of Sirenia, she has been awesome till now. You and the readers may to check the voice of her on “Memories” song wich will be our new video-clip, check the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jETtwUp4O4w
We decided to release just an EP in stead of a fullengh because the third and new album will delay some months else to release it, is necessary to finished the pre-producing of the some songs. We have ready 12 new songs for this album since of 2010, but not were recorded yet, just 7 were pre-produced by our bass player João Cruz together with us, lack finish the pre-producing of 5 songs yet, after this we will enter in studio to record it. Maybe we will work again with the producer Waldemar Sorychta in Germany. We will release a new single to present our new singer Juliana, this Single will have some bonus songs in acoustic format before of the next album till the half of this year.

What kind of response have you had to your music from both nationally as well as internationally? Have you noticed any special interest from places that you didn?t think would like your music?
Dewindson – We have nice response both nationally as well internationally, here in Brazil we have fans a lot, Brazil is very big, but we have the response of fans in all states of Brazil, till Amazonia, Ceará and Rio Grande do Sul wich are distant states, the response of media here were very nice too, as magazines, radios, web sites… All gave great attention for our music. Internationally, we have receiving several reviews with nice notes about it, as magazines and in web too. We have noticed a very special interest about our music from Deutschland and United States, Mexico, Portugal and Japan, but places that I never didn´t think would like our music were Africa and India, I didn´t think that would there are fans of RAVENLAND there, but we have received message fans from these countries talking about they have bought our CDs and they liked so much of it, they have asking to me if one day we will play there in their countries.

How much of a way out of Brazil is Ravenland for you? Is the band a way for you to survive everyday stress or just a hobby?
Dewindson – I have no idea about how much our music is out of our limits, out of Brazil, but by internet we may to have a look out, day by day I have caught informations as international radios that play our music or international web site, blog that talks well about our music…and this way I have idea about it. The band is not a simply way of survive from the everyday stress, not so less a hoby, but is a way to express the art that are in our hearts and we hope that it be a way to express their loves, hates, fears, deads and anyone wish. and everything that we may to become art. RAVENLAND is to me a serious job that I love to do and fortunatelly I found four persons that thinking as me with the same way. The RAVENLAND will complete this year 15 years old since that I founded it.

People into metal seem to know everything worth knowing about the Swedish scene and every new band is being hailed as the greatest thing since sliced bread. With Brazilian metal you need to have a greater interest to find new bands. What is so different about the Brazilian and Swedish metal scenes that one garners more interest than the other?
Dewindson – Really I need to say that Sweden have one of the best metal scene of the world, always have been so, Entombed, Unleashed, Tiamat, Katatonia, In flames, Dark Tranquillity, At the Gates, Amon Amath, Draconian, Mercenary, Scar Simetry… In Brazil we have a great scene too, but in the end of 80´s and beginning of 90´s, the explosion of Death Metal turns the lights to our scene, Sepultura got the attention of the world with his music and many great names from Minas Gerais and São Paulo appeared in world metal scene, names as Sarcófago, Sexthrash, The Mist, Chakal, Salário Minimo, Overdose, Vulcano, Korzus, Holocausto, Witchammer, Viper… Nowadays we have great new bands too, as Desolated Ways, Serpent Rise, Imago Mortis, Holiness, Semblant, Hellarise, Ancesttral, Trayce, Command6, Expose your hate, Tuatha de Dannan, Unearthly, Kamala, Dynahead, Miasthenia, Mythologycal Cold Towers, Torture Squad, Shaman, Obskure…of course that each scene has your moment of world attention, I guess this thing happen ever when explodes a new name, for exemplo, Brazil was when the Sepultura, Sarcofago, Korzus and theThrash/Death Metal exploded, in Sweden was when appeared the new Melodic Death Metal from In flames, Dark Tranquility, At the Gates…That´s happened too with the Britain in 80´s NWHM and with the US in the age of Bay Area Thrash and death metal of Florida too…

How easy/hard is it to find the right kind of people to work with when you want to record? Do you have the resources to go abroad to give the music everything it deserves?
Dewindson – Not so easy and not so hard when you have money or a great label company that support you, in our case, our second album “…and a crow brings me back” we used own resources to invest in it, we choosed one of the best studios in Brazil and one experienced person to support us in studio, Ricardo Confessori, he helped us to produce the album, after this records sessions we talk with producer Waldemar Sorychta in Germany to finish the album, we believe that we had the best resulted that we can get using our own resources. The Freemind Records sent our material to the factory and paid it. In “Memories” EP, the process was totally different, because this time we hadn´t resources to invest it, but we have a home studio and our bass player João Cruz is degree in Regency and Composition Musical, also has experience by have worked with Ricardo Confessori in whole prodution process of our second album and no one is better than us to know what we want to do with our music. So, we put the hands on the mass and we made all by ourselves… pre-production, production, recording sessions, mixed, mastered, just the artwork of cover was developed by Jean Michel of DESIGNATIONS ART WORK. We know the resulted could be better, but we hadn´t resources to do it. We know that our music would deserved more than we did for it in ways of production.

Have modern technology made it easier to get a great sound and not having to beg, borrow and steal for it to happen?
Dewindson – Yes, we know what that modern technology has to offer, but we always made things without abuse the technology, we prefer to do it ourselves than use a software to do by us, I believe that capitation is very important, we dont used trigger on the drums, we don’t use digital distortion or choosed in a data base of a software, we use a nice guitar combined with a nice amplifier with a nice mic put in his front and so…after this recorded, we use the technology for some effects or equalizer, something that no steal our work.

I have a hard time seeing how you could set up a national tour of Brazil with the country being so big. How do you tour the countryside? Are there places to play outside of the bigger cities?
Dewindson – We have made gigs in all possible states for us, Northeast, Southeast and South from Brazil, we made presentations, gigs, tours in these places… but there are places in Brazil that we never play before, as North, Northwest, and Center. Brazil is really a big country, but actually the scene has been developed in each place, city, bigger cities and this became the things to easier. There are many places to play outside of bigger cities, we always play in these cities too, many times is better to play outside of bigger cities because the lack of gigs frequent doing the fans gives else value to that.

What kind of abroad touring experiences do you have? What would be the perfect tour in your eyes to promote the band the best possible way?
Dewindson – We have grow up so much with experiences acquired in tour, playing with others bands like Moonspell, Tiamat, Theatre of Tragedy, Sirenia, The Gathering, Anathema… also playing in the big Brazilian festivals like Roça´n´Roll, Mada, Ceara Music, Plis Rock Festival, Mossoró Rock Festival, Palace of sin and many others…Each gig is important to promote our music, but is ever perfect when you have the better quality in equipment to present your music for a new public and old fans, when you enter on stage and seeing a great number of public and fans, when you play and you seeing the fans singing our songs together with you, when you leaves the stage satisfied with the resulted, when you sell a lot of merchandising, when you play almost every day in different places, when you have minimal conditions to sleep, to take a wash, nice food, and after all, you have made new fans, new friends and new doors would be opened for you to return again. It´s a perfect tour!

What can we expect from Ravenland in the future?
Dewindson – We will make a new video-clip on the next month, the video will support to promote the new album with a new physical and digital single, we´re finishing the production of our third album with 12 songs.
I´m planning to record images for a DVD in celebration by our 15 years that we´re completing in this year. The DVD will content a great and special gig, also some pieces of our acoustic presentations and others gigs as bonus, an interview with all in the band, some statements too from some persons whose were and are important for us, some ex-members too… After that, we hope to play in Europe at the end of this year or on the summer of 2013.

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