I love me a really good heavy metal band every now and then and RAVEN LORD proved to be just that. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Where did the idea to form RAVEN LORD come from?
-After I parted with KILLING MACHINE in 2011 since the band couldn’t find a record deal I decided to found my own band with different players. When I signed a management deal with ROCK’N GROWL MANAGEMENT we were guessing around to join an existing band or have one freshly created. In that period of time there were no offers to join an existing band so we decided to found one from scratch. When it came to the band names we were brainstorming some funny stuff together. The band RAVEN LORD seemed to have the mystique, darkness and over all best “heavy metalness” in it. All though spelled normally in one word we spilt it up to make it unique and to raise question marks . That’s how it became RAVEN LORD .

When you formed did you have a clear idea of what kind of metal you wanted to play? How would you like to define your sound?
-I knew exactly what kind of metal I wanted . It was clear to me that I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. The metal that we play had to come natural without doing some heavy math. If you know what I mean. Everybody should play, shred whatever the hell they want. However when it comes to arrangement, chord progression, lyrics and melodies I had to make sure all is in place for me to have the right foundation. I created easy melodic and memorable choruses or even more like shouts . This is for the audience to make things more easy for them to sing along with us while their having a good time on our live shows. We are all highly talented musicians still I believe that simplicity has it’s positive effects as well . Without saying that we play simple music .

What bands have been the most important in shaping your taste in metal? How much of the personal faves do you take with you when you write music on your own?
-Oh we have the whole metal history packed in our songs. You can clearly hear Ronnie James Dio and Halford as my main influences . Over the years all my influences have melted in what I call my own “timbre” sort of speak. People now days recognise my voice in recordings as it has become a thing of it’s own. They call it “Csaba vocals” hahahahahaha. I guess that’s a good thing. So in reality I don’t think of creating a song like some of our favourite bands rather than capture what “muse” is giving me to work with. You see: “I believe as soon as you have to think making music . You’re doing something wrong. Music flows down like a stream . You just hop on the surf and go with the flow ¨”. Our favourite bands are so many and vary but it really comes down to a handful like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Halford, Yngwie Malmsteen and perhaps AC/DC.

Do you have a set limit for what you want to achieve? Do you have goals you try to reach for?
-Never would I limit myself in what to achieve . Not even the sky is the limit ! Goals oh yeah we have so many . For right now our goals are our music to be heard , seen and hopefully liked .

How do you feel it has been so far? Has it lived up to your expectations? What were those expectations?
-Sometimes I have to be more patient with myself and others . All this is not an instant thing I guess and requires time for creation and production. When I look back on the past 22 months when this all just started I must say we did very good and have come so far. We got signed with our label MAUSOLEUM RECORDS for a two album deal. The record is coming out February 1st 2013 Worldwide . Now we have a very cool line up with highly motivated players and are about to bring our music to the masses this coming Summer . So , Yes it has lived up to my expectations and perhaps even more than that.

How hard is it to find a line-up that you feel 100% satisfied with? Where do you find the ideal line-up?
-Wow, this is a really good question. Personally I keep expectations low and I’m therefore most of the time 100% satisfied. I’m also a “trouble shooter” , and try to make things work . Still, if things are becoming a liability then it’s time for a replacement as the team could get broken in half. We have to understand that there are so many people involved not just the musicians in the band that you see. We have managers, promoters, record labels, marketing people, graphic designer, producers, mastering engineers, road crew and many many more. This quickly has many arms reaching in industries that all depend on the product to work. So if one guy is to be replaced as he or she is broken … so be it. Just like Freddy Mercury said “the show must go on” and I truly live by that rule. It has nothing to do with being mean or being reckless much rather containing the project upright. When I put RAVEN LORD together I was looking for diversity . Things had to be interesting . I like players from different cities even prefer different countries or continents. Which might make things a bit more complex but still manageable . Also I like putting people together from different musical backgrounds that way I achieve a very unique blend . I guess what it comes down to is just go with your gut instinct and choose the player you think fits the best for your band. Sure, a big portion of luck is also required to achieve all that.

What kind of expectations do you have on the album?
-We would hope that the listener enjoys our work on the RAVEN LORD – DESCENT TO THE UNDERWORLD album . Also that they find it interesting to see us perform our songs in live show situation . If on top of that we would have decent record and merchandise sales then that would be just be fantastic !

How important is the lay-out, art work and general presentation to get the band of the ground in the first place? How killing is the competition today?
-Every single detail may it be so insignificant at first has a big impact on the overall outcome. So I didn’t want to “half ass” it sort of speak and release something I wouldn’t be happy with. A record is a piece forever and has to meet high standards . No wonder I hired people like Fredrik Nordström to mix our record, Maor Appelbaum for mastering, Caio Caldas for the artwork/booklet. Besides all the other guys who were doing myspace page designs, website gurus, managers, label bosses, promoters, marketers and what not. There is no way one person could “do it yourself” it they way this team has done our record. And in this aspect I would like to thank to all of them for giving us this great release.

Is RAVEN LORD a touring entity? Will you promote the album by going out on the roads?
-Absolutely ! You see my philosophy is to get RAVEN LORD to play as many shows as possible. For that to happen we need songs and a release first. We’ve done step one and step two successfully by writing and releasing music to the public. Now comes the step where we take things to the masses . By the time this interview gets to the reader we should be confirmed for some Summer shows . I’d like to refer to our facebook page where you get all the information about the band. Please like our page on http://www.facebook.com/ravenlordmusic and get involved and check us out at the closest venue near you. Or visit our official website at http://www.raven-lord.com. We are also planing a tour or perhaps be another support act for a bigger band . Not sure yet what the status is though. For sure I can say we’re all ready to play some high profile shows this year.

What do you see in the future for RAVEN LORD?
-The future is bright for RAVEN LORD . Having a guitar player like JOE STUMP on board is a big deal. I can only imagine how the future songs will develop with his shredding talent . In the near future I’d like to see RAVEN LORD on stage with all them long hair head banging action . After that we write some more RAVEN LORD material for another record. As I believe life is all about progress. Meaning things will only get better and better. So if you are crazy for RAVEN LORD – DESCENT TO THE UNDERWORLD you ‘re gonna got nuts on the sequel . And we all know that’s coming your way. So jump on the early bird’s wings that is the RAVEN LORD and fly with us from now on . As then you can say I was there from the beginning ! I would like to thank “Battle Helm ” for this great interview and wish everybody a great new year and stay metal.

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