I love classic heavy metal. Always have and always will. So when we see another revival I’m the one at the forefront cheering on. New Zealand’s RAZORWYRE is metal, period. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I can’t help feeling that there is a certain 80s theme to Razorwyre, from the artwork to the spelling to the music. What is it that inspires you to write and play the music you do?
Z Chylde: Yeah dude! All my inspiration for the band comes from the great music of that era in particular. Most of the dudes in the band are pretty big fans of classic thrash, heavy, power and speed metal, and i guess a lot of what inspires me, and what i listen to everyday since well before starting this band – are the classic NWOBHM and USPM bands in particular. We love that music and that’s the kinda style we wanted for this band. I love the sound, the attitude, the lyrics, the artwork, and the lifestyle of that shit and worship these bands. We’re paying homage to those titans of the 80s, i guess.

As someone who has a very hard time to just stick to one kind of metal I find it fascinating the way bands find their way to the metal they play. What would you say is the pivotal moment that steered you the way you ended up sounding?
Calavrias: Good question!! My friends in my hometown. One person in particular for me, James McInnes, put me onto Judas Priest & Dio, after that, it was all down hill, or should i say uphill? If downhill is good, then i went way way downhill. After that, i got into some of the greats like Accept, Exciter, Riot.

As somebody who hasn’t been part of a band is life in a band just like ‘Spinal Tap’ or ‘Wayne’s World’, it is you against the world and nothing can touch you?
C: hahahaha, as funny as it is, it pretty much is exactly like that sometimes/most of the time. You think things are going great and you are going to conquer the world, then someone will bring you back down to reality and slap you out of your rockstar day dream. But more times than most me and Z are pretty much like Wayne and Garth.

How much of a scene for your kind of music is there in New Zealand? Can you draw a crowd large enough to play gigs outside of your local pub
Z :I dunno man, NZ has its metal bands and stuff, but it’s not really a cohesive scene, particularly not for traditional/speed/power metal – that kinda stuff. There are a lot of hardcore metal fans at our shows, but also all kindsa people really. Older traditional metal fans, young hesher kids, hardcore fans and just music fans in general. The band definitely seems to have a large following locally – which has always surprised me. I never would’ve expected that, playing this kinda music, but i certainly appreciate it. I suppose the band is definitely developing a following throughout the country, but the shows in Wellington (hometown) are always guaranteed to be a lot bigger. I’m still stoked that so many people all over get in touch with us online, and show up at the out of town gigs though.

I get a feeling that the New Zealand metal scene is very inclusive, in that you help each other supporting the bands. What are your impressions of the NZ metal scene?
C: haha how do you know that? you know what….you are generally right. The scene is so small bands will be playing with other bands of different genre all the time. It actually works out really well, instead of seeing 3 bands of the same genre, you get to see a Black/Trad/Stoner.

When it comes to selling CDs. Where do you see you biggest potential? Any place you’ve so far had more response from than others?
C: Europe. in particluar, Germany. Hahaha. Those germans eat this stuff for breakfast! Is it ok to say that? Or is that a little gay? Now that i have said it it kinda seems a little gay. Germany has brought shit loads of everything we have. Followed by those crazy Greeks (my heritage, not sure if that has anything to do with it, you know, supporting one of their own). Usa is getting more and more popualr also as a trend. The young ones are getting into it again like it once was.

Having signed with French Infernö Records. What will this mean for the band? It’s not the world’s largest label.
C: Its not the worlds biggest label ?!?! fuck. That was the whole reason we signed! They promised us 5 star hotels and private jets, i thought it was all just coming and thats why i haven’t mentioned anything yet to the owner. Speaking of the owner, Fab, he is once committed metal head. He is so great. Just a passionate dude who loves old school heavy metal like the rest of us. What does this mean for us? WE CAN SAY WE ARE SIGNED hahaha. and if anyone like Sony comes along they will have to deal with Fab haha. Inferno has just released the album on CD on his label. We are also working with Helmut (another great human being) who runs Underground Power in Germany. He released the the album on Vinyl, in fact it was the first release on UP. He used to have another record label back in the day, then he was a distro for years and now looks like he is releasing again which is awesome. He has some great releases coming up which i cannot say.

With a new album out now how do you intend to support it? Will you be touring in support of the album?
Z: Well, I think the plan is to play the fuck out of a release gig in Wellington, then hit up a bit of a tour across the country. The days the internet is pretty great for letting people know the album is out, and we’ll be selling it through our facebook, bigcartel and all that shit for as cheap as we can possibly sell it for. Interviews like these help get exposure, and last time round we got a flood of very positive review for what was a pretty raw and rushed demo EP. Hopefully we get some good feedback and it will encourage people to check it out for themselves. We’ll eventually put it up for free download first, maybe once we recoup a fraction of the costs!

Being from the other side of the World how do you set up a tour in like say Europe without losing too much money on it? What is the best way to tour Europe/USA?
C: hahaha dammit I was hoping you were going to tell me !!! I am currently doing this at the moment. Wow, never knew how much was involved with sorting out a overseas tour, and especially from doing it from NZ. Everyone has been super helpful and its shaping up quite nicely. This will be our first overseas tour so hopefully goes ok! i have 200% faith in myself hahaha. If anyone is reading this and would like to host us in your town get in touch !! Europe only hahah. But our first date will be KEEP IT TRUE Festival in Germany and we can’t fucken wait !!! Liege Lord! Possessed! Warlord!

Do you see a great future for Razorwyre now that you have a new album out?
Z: Hahaha, fuck dude – I dunno about a “great” future, but we ain’t going away anytime soon! We hope to just keep writing music, recording, and releasing stuff as frequently as we can! I’ve got shitloads more ideas, and Chris and I have been doing some work on new songs lately. We hope to get another release out, and the shows seem to be getting more and more packed, so I’m guessing people haven’t had enough of the ‘Wyre yet. Heavy Metal is forever, and we hope to be part of it for a long time. Thanks to dudes like you for taking the time to do this, and help get the word out!

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