REBELLION sprung out of Grave Digger when members left to form a new band. Not that I care to much at the time. Now things have changed and I find them to be of interest. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

You guys are new to me even though you’ve been going for a while now. How do you feel that the band has evolved over the years?
-The development of the band cannot really be called successful if you do not know us. I for myself am happy with the band as it is now and hope to become even better known to you and all the other people that will read this interview.

When you leave one band to form a new one how hard is it to get it all started? What was it like in 2001 when you decided to bring life to Rebellion?
-It is never hard to get things started, it is much harder to keep them running. In the beginning of Rebellion we believed that we would sell shitloads of albums and become really rich rock stars.

I guess you’ve been through a couple of labels and members over the years. Do you learn what not to do with every change? What has been the greatest lesson learned?
-Until now we have been with two labels, the second one being our present label, Massacre records. You learn “what not to do” with every day, maybe even every minute. Of course major incidents like the split from band members have some impact but with the years one does learn to accept some things that simply cannot be changed and uses his energy rather to influence things that can be changed. This might be a “great lesson” as you chose to call it.

Have you ever regretted forming Rebellion? What is it that is so great about being in a band that you keep doing it?
-No I have not and sorry, the second half of your question leaves me befuddled …”What is so great about being in a band …”, you know I expect questions like that from my parents and other people that have never experienced the power of METAL … with all respect … you should know the answer and I guess all readers do so also …

You guys seem to have a penchant for writing concept albums in trilogy format about different subjects. Why do a trilogy about Vikings?
-So far we have written ONE concept trilogy about ONE subject (sorry to correct you, I know you said right in the beginning you did not know the band. We did a trilogy on the Vikings because the topic would not fit on a single CD, it is simply too much and I do like to have a certain historical standard in the work I do (I am a studied historian). So we chose to do one album about the eastern expansion of the Vikings (mostly Norwegians and Danish), one about the western expansion all the way down to Miklagard (mostly Swedish) and one album about the Viking mythology. So that we can say we have treated the subject historically adequate as far as you can do that on a cd of course.

What is the new album lyrically centered around?
-The new album is called Arminius, Furor Teutonicus and it is about the live of Arminius (lol). Arminius as the leader of a united force of Germanic tribesmen ambushed the Roman general Varus and 3 full Roman legions and utterly annihilated them in the famous battle in the Teutoburg Forrest. This battle is seen by many historians as a turning point in the history of the Roman Empire, it definitely put an end the Roman occupation of tribal Germanic lands east of the Rhenus (Rhine) and thus granted the freedom of the Germanic tribes living in these areas. The album deals with the life of Arminius, his glorious victory and his shameful death. But it also mentions Germanic traditions. The booklet is very extensive and contains the lyrics and my personal historical notes, I hope some people will be interested in those, for it was a lot of work … smile … but also a lot of fun.
How important is the art work to show that it is heavy metal that you’re dealing in?
-The artwork is the face of an album thus it is very important, not only for Metal bands.

How do you go about picking songs for a live show when all your albums are concept ones? How different are the songs on stage than on record?
-I should believe that the songs on stage do have the same quality as the recorded versions, maybe they will sound a bit rougher but if they did not there would not be much reason to see a band live (apart from the chance to glimpse on a very attractive bass player of course, smile). We try to pick the songs that seem most likely to add up to a good program, you know, a bit of everything that Rebellion has to offer. Some groovers, some mid tempo pushers, some up tempo kickers and some backbreaking double bass killers. We try to focus on the new album. I cannot understand bands that only play one or two tracks of their latest album, to me this means that these bands do not believe in their new album. Why the hell release something you do not believe in??? We do not care too much about the concept stuff when picking songs for a live show.

What is the heavy metal scene like in Germany these days? Do you improve your following with each new album?
-I guess the scene is still going strong and we are of course booked for gold.

What future plans are there for Rebellion?
-Gold album, sold out world tour, Mercedes for me

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