REGARDLESS OF ME might be Italian but that shouldn’t be held against them. This is one hell of a band and if you haven’t checked them out just yet do so after you’ve read this interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Does being Italian bring with it a burden that is hard to carry or can you benefit from it?
-Well, it’s hard to be a metal musician here in Italy, you know, this is the reason why we use to play in Europe every time, but we’re still here, to rock your fuckin’ world!

You are not the most well known band on the international metal scene. How would you like to describe your sound?
-Well, we just play metal. We love Iron Maiden, Meshuggah, Massive Attack and so many bands, the only thing I could tell is that we play Modern Melodic Metal, we’re willing to experiment different sounds, every time we record a new album

When you release albums on labels outside of Italy does that bring with it an interest from metal fans that you would not have received had you been on an Italian label?
-Well we have so many fans here in Italy, but, the problem is that there’s a bad metal culture in Italy for Italian metal bands…….this is the reason why we choose a label outside Italy

Your album has been out some time now. What kind of response have you had to it so far?
-Well about selling we’re so satisfied, ‘cause this album is completely different from the first one, much more strong and metal.

In hindsight how pleased are you with the end result of it?
-We’re so happy about it, it’s a cool album and you’ll never be disappointed in listening to it

Can you ever let go of something that is out and about? How irritating is it to discover small errors and knowing that you can’t change it?
-Absolutely not, the best thing is that the album is a real album… know, we’re not a machines!

How much of a live band is Regardless Of Me? What kind of live scene is there in Italy for a band like yours?
-Well as I told you before it’s not simple. This is the reason why we use to play outside Italy, especially in UK and Germany, their music metal culture is so cool and strong. Here in Italy most of the band play covers….I hate that fucking shit….they’re not musicians

What ways are there to promote a band? What’s the best way?
-The best way is to have so many money to spend….you know, music market is a bad thing, the only way you have is to try to find a big label who can spend a thousand euro for the promotion, online, in magazines etc…

How much are you ready to sacrifice to get what you want for the band?
-Well this a nice question…! We’re 34 years old in the band….so, we got a job, we got a’s hard to be a musician, but we’re still here to rock your fucking world

What future plans do you have for the band?
-Well we will play in 2 big festivals this summer, supporting Garbage, Meshuggah, Amaranthe…it’s a great event for us, we’re on the main stage this year. The more you try to be a great band the more you’ll get what you deserve.
After this summer we’ll start recording new album, the third

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