REPLOSION is an Italian progressive metal band on the rise. Be the first to name drop them among your friends after you’ve read this interview with MIKE GALLETTO – drums. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

You are being described as a symphonic/progressive power metal band. What is there in the descriptions symphonic and progressive that applies to your music??
-First of all thank you for this opportunity, we are very proud to talk to one of the greatest audiences in the metal scene. Well, I think “symphonic” is just an influence… It’s not a key factor for Replosion; On the other hand “progressive” represents the main musical reference listeners link to our instrumental sections. I’d rather talk about a “prog-oriented” style as I don’t think we completely comply with progressive stereotypes. We use to explore diverse music genres and turn “non-metal” solutions into a rock or metal sound.

What bands has been the single most important in forming your sound? Where do you get inspiration from?
-Angra, Savatage, Opeth, Queen, Dream Theater, Metallica… These are some of the most listened artists of our “musical childhood”. Today we take inspiration especially from the godfathers of non-metal genres …the inspiration comes from those styles we don’t totally know, that bring curiosity and push to musical explorations.

I keep returning to this with every Italian metal band that I interview because I think that metal should be so much bigger in Italy than it is. Why does metal have such a small following in Italy?
-Italy has two faces…many people listen to metal music, really. And many people play music too. So, you could think that interest in music is huge and this would certainly be the logical conclusion! Well, not in Italy. The other side of the equation is that our country has a musical culture so distant from rock or metal: consider that our parents never listened to Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin. Another point is the obsolete and conservative mentality of media never broadcasting certain kinds of music. Further, there are few places to play original music, you have to set up a tribute band if you want to play and get paid. When we were teens and played Guns ‘n Roses or Metallica songs, parents and friends stared at us like we were aliens. We felt kind of guilty for playing that music.

What is the hardest part of being an Italian metal band? Are there any benefits to being an Italian metal band?
-The hardest part is playing with the awareness that you are doing it just for yourself and your passion… The crisis the entire music-world is living involves also Italy of course, and here the effects are risen by those factors I mentioned before. Another thing is in Italy there is no cohesion among bands. The mutual criticism that bands share make it impossible to develop a strong Italian scene. Benefits? Uhm… Next question please…eheh! This is the reason why we wanted our album to sound as international as possible, and why we are promoting our music worldwide.

Do you see a change in attitude and interest from a younger generation? What kind of music interest the younger generation?
-I’m drum teacher, and I see that teens now don’t listen to metal as much as we did ten years ago. Today many young drummers come to me asking for bands like Alter Bridge, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers… Or something heavier like Avenged Sevenfold or Trivium. Anyway when you go around and see a long-haired metal-boy with t-shirt and patched jeans, you still see Metallica, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Blind Guardian, Ac/Dc shirts… I think it’s a clear signal that nowadays’ music is hitting the bottom.

You use the social media to promote your band. How do you do it the best way in order to reach all those that might have a genuine interest in your music and not just “like” you for the sake of “liking you”?
-Well, we are using our official website a lot ( and consider social media like Facebook, Reverbnation or MySpace just as satellites. Catching the interest of people with a “hammering advertise” is not our goal. We’ll keep on promoting Replosion through fanzines, webzines, web-radios, our official YouTube Channel and website… And so on…
How hard is it to find the right kind of people to work with? What is it that you look for in people that you work with?
-“The Resting Place Of Illusion” album is the result of a very positive experience… I mean, we managed to find the best cooperation with the producers. It’s not easy when you play music influenced by many different styles and approaches. When we started searching for someone to produce Replosion first album, we paid particular attention to find open-minded people able to work together as a team… This is the key factor.

How much time and effort do you spend on Replosion? What are you willing to sacrifice to make the band a success?
-Replosion is an “home” for us. You can spend some time away from home but you’ll always come back. Then, referring to the second part of your question, well, I’d rather talk about passion not sacrifice. For sure we’ll take into serious account all suggestions and considerations about “Resting Place of Illusion” album.

What kind of support is there for a band that wants to make it in Italy? Do you get cheered on for wanting to pursue a career in music?
-If you pay agencies you get all the support you need… But let me say that we are very determined to spread Replosion music abroad. For what concerns getting cheered on, well, musicians in Italy are considered like people wasting their time. If you listen to an Italian band (no matter good or bad) you can be sure that band is doing-it with a great and genuine passion.

Tell me what do you see when you gaze into the crystal ball?
-I see the reflection of my big nose I guess…eheh…forget-it, I’m just joking. We prefer looking at the real world, doing our best to make good music day by day…
This was the last question I guess, thank you once more for this interview.
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