To be honest I thought I had stumbled upon a reunited Belgian REQUIEM when I first saw this lots new album but it turned out to be a completely different band. Read the interview to find out more. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How confusing is it to share a name with other bands active or not?
-This fact is really very confusing. But as far as I know, most of all bands that have ever been called REQUIEM are split up, not many are still active and we are the only REQUIEM that was constantly releasing albums and playing hundreds of live shows for 15 years now without breaking up in between and reforming again. Anyway, the most important thing for us is playing the music we like. The name is not so important.

How do you avoid disappointing the fans thinking that they’ve picked up a different REQUIEM?
-I don’t think we can avoid this. It’s up to the fans to make sure that they’ve picked up the stuff they were looking for…

To avoid any future confusing a short introduction might be in order?
-REQUIEM is an old school death metal band from Switzerland that started in 1997. Up to date the band released one ep ( nameless grave, 2001) and 5 albums ( formed at birth, 2003/ government denies knowledge, 2006/ premier killing league, 2007/ infiltrate, obliterate, dominate, 2009/ within darkened disorder, 2011). REQUIEM played more than 600 live shows all over Europe and was touring with bands like „ Perverse“, „ Vital Remains“, „ Dismember“, „ Debauchery“, „Vader“, „ Belphegor“, „Lowbrow“, „ Lividity“, „ Nox“ to name a few… The official website is:

What is it that keeps you guys going? What is so cool with playing metal that you don’t want to stop doing it?
-Playing music and writing songs are some of the most exciting things for me to do in this world…Performing live is always a challenge and working in the studio is a great pleasure if you see your ideas taking form. I think, I can’t stop doing it, because there is something like an “inner need to grind”…

Do you feel that with each step you take you take one step further in your career? How has the career so far matched your initial idea for the band?
-Every release of a new album and every tour are important steps for us, but it’s impossible to plan the “career” of the band. It goes back and forth. The music business is very unpredictable. We are happy with the musical development of the band but commercial success is beyond the band’s control.

Do you feel alone in playing the kind of metal that you do locally as well as nationally? What does it mean to have national bands that have made it before you? Do you even think about that when you plan for world domination?
-No, we don’t think about that and we don’t care what other people do. We’re not alone in playing death metal, there’s a huge amount of bands here. If some of them make it, it’s good for them but it has no effect for us. It’s useless to plan for world domination, because it’s beyond our control. We do what we want to do and we do the best we can.

I’ve never been in a band and with me being impatient I don’t know how I’d deal with things not going as planned. How frustrating is it really to be in a band? How many setbacks have you had?
-Well, in a band it’s not different than in life, things are usually not going as planned. There have been thousands of setbacks and frustrating situations. But it’s worthless to complain. Just keep going. As long as we enjoy playing our music, we won’t stop.

When you are on your way up how do you know who to work with in order to get on the right tours/gigs, who to contact for your promo shots and which artist is best for art work?
-I’m afraid I can’t answer this question because we obviously failed in finding the right people to work with, hahahaha. For the artwork, we just ask someone whose art we like.

Would you say that playing live is still the best way to promote a band? What does playing live to a local pub crowd give you as a band?
-Probably big companies have more effective ways to promote their artists but for bands like us playing live is the best thing to do, not only for promotion, but also to become tight as a band and getting familiar with different situations. Playing in small clubs is the greatest thing to do for us because we are close to the crowd and can feel the energetic atmosphere. That’s a great experience.

What are your plans for the future?
-We are working on new material for the next album and in the meantime we’d like to play live as much as possible.

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