I’ve lost count on how many new Finnish metal bands I’ve come across. And even though geography really isn’t a matter I still find joy in seeing more Nordic brethrens making it. RETALIATORY MEASURES are the latest to end up on my plate. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Where do all the Finnish metal bands come from?
-I have no idea… guess Finland is such a lame country that the only fun thing to do is to drive a formula/rally car, play ice hockey, or start a metal band. Well not really. I’m guessing that since such bands as Nightwish, Amorphis, Him, etc. hit the jackpot in the global scale, the government has started to pay more attention to new bands and artists around here. There are nowadays rehearsal flats and studios funded by the government. And nearly every school has their own musical
instruments and even band programs or projects. Not saying that’s the exact reason, but I think it helps a lot for the future generations.
When you decide on forming a band what reasons are behind the decision?
-We’ve all played in different bands for nearly a decade now. And our hometown Pori is a pretty small town, so it’s almost madatory to get to know all the musicians around here. Me and Janne used to book gigs and organize small festivals together. Janne’s old bandmates Kalle and Pessi were starting a new project around ’08 and they asked me and Janne to join the group. Teemu, our first bassist was also Kalles old bandmate. He was later replaced by Marko Mäkipanula, who I knew from the past. At first we were just playing for fun, but after a while we started to actually write songs and train in a regular bases

How do you decide upon what style of metal to play? How much do you look towards other Finnish bands for inspiration?
-We didn’t really consider that at all. We just hit the rehearsal room and started playing. Kalle usually comes up with the ideas for the songs and then We all just start to form it up together. I don’t think that anyone of us actually considers other finnish bands as an inspiration for Retaliatory Measures. Of course there is a shitload of great bands that we respect and like, even idolize. But with RM, it’s all about what we think is fun and inspirational to do.

Finland isn’t a big country. Do all metal bands in Finland support each other or are there rivalry between bands?
-There is a lot of co-operation between finnish metal bands. Exchange gig’s, split albums etc. I think it’s pretty much about helping each other. Of course in some minor cases there might be some rivalry between bands, but thank god that’s not a common phenomenon.

What kind of reaction have you had to signing with Massacre? Do you think that because you are Finnish you are treated better and with more respect than had you come from another part of Europe?
-Why should we be treated any better or worse than any other band? I don’t think that it should make any difference if the band is Finnish or Swedish or anything else. The music itself is all that matters. There is a lot of way bigger bands than us on the Massacre family, but I believe
that the guys are doing what they consider the best for smaller debutants like us. For us, Massacre was by far the best option because of its wide distribution and good reputation. And We also had way better deal offer from Massacre than any other labels who contacted us, so the choice was pretty easy to make.

Why is it that we here in the Nordic countries are so good at metal?
-Just had an interview with Metal Hammer journalist who was asking the same. I have no idea! I guess our great great grandfathers did some kinda deal with the devil. Seriously no clue..Though I think that the Swedish way is more aggressive and angry than the Finnish. Like The Haunted, or
At The Gates etc. We have Amorphis, Swallow the Sun, Nightwish..We’re not angry, we’re sad.

Finland is geographical not too different from Sweden. What chances are there to play live in Finland? Is it youth centres or no gigs at all?
-The Finnish live music scene is getting better and better every day. There is at least one venue in nearly every city or town. And that makes it a lot easier for bands to get gigs and organize tours. And in bigger cities there’s live bands performing nearly every night. Either at some
bar or show venue.

Now that you have an album to promote how do you intend to take the band further on the road to stardom?
-I haven’t really thought of that. I guess that we’ll see when the album is released. I’m really looking forward for people’s reactions to the album. Of course would be nice to get some gigs in around the Europe… and some big ass festival gigs would be aaaaawesome

If the album does not chart in Finland is that considered a failure?
-Well, no. We’re not keeping our hopes too high. Of course hitting the charts would be a huge thing, but I don’t think that there is room for a death thrash newcomer like us. And with the music industry being what it is nowadays, I think that the main goal for metal bands is to get gigs and maybe sell few copies of the album here and there. But We’ll see how it goes, Let’s hope for the best!

What would you like to see happening next for the band?
-Would be nice to make few millions and move to somewhere warm..maybe get married to a Playboy model etc. Well seriously. We’re playing our first gig for few months at 26th of October in our album release party. We’ve been working our asses off to get our live act to the best, and the main thing now is to do as many gigs as possible and to promote the album at the same. Maybe start writing some new material at the beginning of 2013..but We’ll see! But from now on, it’s all about the
live shows. Hopefully around the world!

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