Perhaps not the most unusual band name. Not that it matters. Once you hear this Colombian REVENGE you’ll never forget them and all the rest Revenge will fade into obscurity. © 2015 Anders Ekdahl

I can think of st least two more bands by the name of REVENGE. How annoying is it that there are other bands with the same name?
-Hello Anders..many thanks for the interview, im know Battle Helm Mag before this interview.. and is great for us stay here, Hhahaha true.. show around 20 bands called Revenge and is possible that exist another more. For us, that details is not important or means nothing. We think that is the same with the people names. How many persons in the world have the same name? Peter, Frank, Steve and others… so is not important for us. We have a original style and now we work for some years.

Could you please introduce us to your REVENGE?
-Sure. REVENGE is a Colombian Speed Metal band, formed in 2002 in Medellin. Without a doubt, they are one of the most hard working bands of the Colombian Metal scene: after doing debut demo in 2003, and after earning local popularity, the band released debut album “Metal Warriors” (Dark Music Productions) just one year later.
In 2006, after extensive touring, second album titled “Rage And Revenge” got released on the Wicked Creations label. Special EP titled “Bang Your Head” was released in 2008 by Rata Mutante Records, and was available in several editions incl. deluxe version with live bonus tracks. After several single releases and compilation appearances, next studio album titled “Death Sentence” was out in 2009, and was available as tape, CD (Rata Mutante Records) and LP (Floga Records). The same year Iron Bonehead Productions released the “Whipping Death” EP, which was German version of the “Bang Your Head” EP, incl. bonus tracks.
In 2010 first band’s DVD titled “Revenge Is Very Good Eaten Cold” got unleashed, and one year later, fifth studio album titled “Metal Is: Addiction And Obsession” (available as several editions worldwide). After doing two split releases, next studio album titled “Vendetta” is out in 2012 (again available in several versions worldwide), and is promoted on live shows in Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru and Ecuador. Between 2013 and 2014 the band released two more split EPs, and 2 more singles. Their current album titled “Harder Than Steel” came out in 2014 in South America, and in January of 2015 in Europe, on Iron Shield Records.

What is the scene line for the kind of metal you play in your region?
-I believe that is the same of the world scene because is a genre very specific. People that follow us over the world maybe are fans of other band like Rage, Running Wild, Warrant, among them. Maybe is people who like the 80”s Metal and maybe the European style in Metal. Underground metal scene is specially in where the band make all your promotion and distribution over the world.

Is it hard to release an album in your country or are there good enough labels that reaches abroad too?
-Not is easy, but is not too hard& impossible like more people out of Colombia believe. In Colombia exist very great studios for make the recording process. And for make the production of CDSexist 2 bigpossisionedfactories. I think is not hard if each band make all of the best way, working hard every day and having clear ideas in Metal.

Is it necesary to be supported by a label these days when you can release it yourself digitally?
-I think yes, and I think always will be. Digitally we can do all as we want but with a known label we can stay near to the people in other sides of the world. I think that the most important of a label is the distribution and representation of the band every day to other people where the band misses. But is true, for other side, right now is very easy for us sale Cds/Lps/ Tapes or other merchandise to other people since our country.

What is your opinion on digital verses physical?
-Well, is a good question. Certainly the physical versions are amazing and for us and for all people who stay in the metal movement of 80”s style and specially for people like us, because we are a real collector of Metal Music, but is impossible stay out about the new tendencies of the new world when other kind of people only collect metal in digital format. For this reason we have all of our albums in digital format in sites like Bandcamp, Itunes and others for these kind of Maniacs.

How pleased are you with your latest recording? What do you expect this to do for you?
-We are very satisfied with the results of album “ Harder Than Steel” in sound, production and image of the band. We only want that the album and the band, will be more and best known in the underground metal scene. This is our 6th album and We are quite aware of what we are, of what we have doneand of what we have. I feel that in this album, the band is most explosive and more forceful in all details of disc. We should never believe that what we have done is perfect but right now We expect that this is one of the best albums of Revenge. Now we try to more and more Metal Maniacs in the world can know our work and maybe in the future make some dates in Europe.

What kind of image do you have? Denim or leather? Is image important?
-Image of the band, for us, is very, very important. Leather, spikes, chains and bullets are our wear in all Revenges”s shows. Even, for the great important for us in these details, in 2012 I was arrested by local police for have in my hands, after a Revenge Show, a Bullet belt wit 78 Bullets of 7.62… Hhahahahahah, now is funny..but in these moment, Fuck. I went to the court and I was threatened with emprisonement. ….. always is hard for travel to other cities in Colombia and for travel to other countries of South America because we have very Kg of Spikes and chains for our alive image.

What is it like when you play live?
-If we have resume all in only one word I think: PASSION. Our shows are full of Power, energy and passion when we play Metal, even when we listen Metal Hahhahah. Honestly I feel killer adrenaline on stage and we try to transmit these power to Metal maniacs who go to our shows. And I know that is the same feeling of my other partners of the band… I really feel like my co-workers ( Other members of band) are my second family. This means that the band always be a Brotherhood. A

What lies in the future?
-Well, right now we are working in some live shows out of Colombia and we start to think in our first tour in USA and Europe. U.S tour will be ready for Octuber 2015, now we have in all, confirming dates and all. In few days the LP Vinyl version of new album will be ready in Germany by Iron Shield Records and I know these format is very appreciated byheadbangers.
Also we have now new shirts of “ Harder Than Steel ” album and now is availables in Germany and Europe with our Metal Label. Too we work in the opportunity for play in some festivals in Germany like Keep it true, Headbangers open air, and other, but we need stay in contact with more people and make all the plans. We try to make the best distribution of the new album and of other merchandise of our official stuff to all people who support us in the world.

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