Even though REVOLTING already have three albums to their name it was first with their fourth that I got my ears on them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

OK Rogga, why so many different bands? Why not settle for just one?
-Haha, I guess thats a question not only you might have. The answer is simple though. I love to make music, and I doubt there is any label that would like to release three albums a year with one band, so instead I do different projects. Another answer is also that i like to collaborate with other musicians, and that often ends up in a new project, when me and someone work together and write music and it becomes enough stuff for an album.

Revolting has released an album a year since the start. Was that a planned strategy? How productive are you guys?
-No strategy at all really, it’s just fun music to write and so far it has become that each year a new album could be released. we are rather productive, but in periods I’d say. The first and second album was written almost at the same time, even though half the songs was released on the second album. the third and now the new album was done pretty much the same, the songs on the new album were most of them finished about a year ago. Only the vocals was recorded this year, and then the mixing and mastering done.

Revolting is being seen as leading purveyor of old school Swedish death metal. What was so great about that first wave of Swedish death metal?
-Well what can I say, Swedish death metal has something special. I think it’s the closeness to crustpunk, that groove and the twobeat drum patterns. Combine that with downtuned guitars and growls and you have catchy yet very heavy music. Then of course there are differences between many of the Swedish bands, some are more basic and some are more technical and have more riffs and larger arranged songs. But in the end they’re similar in that they’re very catchy yet still very heavy. At least that’s what I think.

Being death metal is there a certain thematic schedule that you have to follow for it to be true? What would and would not work as death metal?
-I don’t care about what’s true or not, I think you can use just about any riffs or ideas in death metal, as long as you tweak it around and make it fit. Just listen to Revolting, the melodic stuff and catchy choruses are all more drawing ideas from Bad Religion or similar catchy punk than any death metal really. So I think you can use just about anything in death metal, as long as you work it into the general heavy sound.

The art work to your album “Hymns Of Ghastly Horror” is a bit patchy. What was the concept behind the art work?
-It’s done by artist Desmond Root, who also does all lyrics for Revolting these days. He’s the fourth member of the band really. He just got this idea for the artwork and worked it out, painted it all and it came out very scary. Desmond is heavily into horror, especially the classic stuff from the 70s and 80s, and I think he wanted the artwork to really be like a cover for some old classic horror movie, and I think he succeeded too.

When you do this you don’t do it for the money. What benefits are there to having a label do it for you instead of you doing it yourself?
-Not much money in this, haha! I do this because it’s what I wanna do, it’s my life really. And the benefits with a label? Well they print the album, they promote the album, the make it available in shops and distros. Some of them also pay for recording and artwork haha. So if I didn’t have a label and needed to release stuff myself it would take too much time and effort, I don’t think Id release anything at all really. Just record stuff for myself listen to myself while drinking beer haha.

Why do you think that death metal has survived for 30 years while other styles of metal has come and gone?
-As I said above, you can pretty much take any musical ideas and put them into a death metal context. And if the ideas are good, it will sound awesome. Death metal can be both melodic, technical or primitive. It’s very diverse, and I think that’s why it won’t die. Mutate perhaps, but never die.

With that in mind why do you think that old school Swedish death metal is making a comeback?
-I don’t know really, everything comes and goes and now its perhaps just the right time for this stuff to grow again and become stronger.

What was it about Swedish death metal that made it such world leading in the first place?
-Again as I said before, I think it’s the heaviness and catchiness combined that makes it appeal to much people. You don’t need much other music really, haha, Swedish death metal covers it all!

Will the future see a new Revolting album each new year?
-I really hope so, we have no shortage of ideas yet anyways. we have 3 songs done for the next album already and also two songs finished for a split 7″ vinyl with German band Revel In Flesh which will be out late this year.

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