I sometimes scroll through various sites looking for bands to discover. It might take time but once in a while you find something interesting. Like REVOLUTION EVE. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

Perhaps we should start with a short introduction into what REVOLUTION EVE is all about?
-Revolution Eve arose from the ashes of beeing part of an entertainment industry, that is not about music anymore. An industry that is about money, looks and mass-compatibilty. Simone and Maria were in a project before, that was over time more and more influenced by “important” people out of this business. And along the way we lost, what is most important to us: Making the Music we love and playing it live. Therefore we decided to start a new BAND that just makes the music, that comes from our heart and stops caring about what “others” think about our work. It was never intended to be an “all-girls” band, this is just something that “did happen”, when we were searching for the rest of our bandmembers.
Concerning the lyrics, Revolution Eve tries to incorporate all the experiences each of us has made over the years. From thoughts of frustration about society, depressions and other harsh things, that we had to endure. But we don´t use these lyrics as a form of therapy, we think we also have a responsibilty to the people who listen to our music. And we want do strengthen them. Therefore we always end on a positive note, showing you, that you have the strength to overcome every problem that you encounter.

I have a huge fascination for band names. What was it that made you go for you moniker?
-Yeah, the band name topic. We took ALOT of time to find the perfect bandname, that incorporates everything we wrote above. Revoluton Eve stands for the EVENING before the Revolution begins. (Not the Name Eve, even thou it is a nice twist to have that original female name to a all-girl band). As described above, we want to encourage the listener to start working on the problems, they don´t think they have to power to solve. So listing to our songs is like the start of a new chapter in your personal development. The evening, before the “inner revolution” takes place. If it is a big one (politics, ethics, war) or just an inner revolution (changing your job, stop smoking or whatever you want to change).

How important is it to have a band name that catches the eye of the beholder and makes then inquisitive?
-There are two sites to this question. One is the “marketing” point of view. But as mentioned above, this was not in focus for us. It was of upmost importance to us, that the band name reflects, what we want to archive with our band, and what we are as human beeings. With power, strength, but also with silent reflections of your soul.

What was it that made you want to play the style of metal that you play? Was there a specific moment/artist/album that spoke to you?
-The most intressting part of being in a band, is that different individuals come together, that have a totally different background in music. And even if you try to sound like a specific band, the mix will create something new. And the bandmembers of Revolution Eve couldn´t be more different 🙂 Diana (singer) was heavily influenced by aggressive modern metal bands like Korn and American Head Charge, while Conny (Bass) is a total addict to everything AC/DC related. Simone (Guitar) is our classic metal chick, that loves bands like Nevermore, Morgana Lefay ect. Maria (Guitar) is more into rockbands like Linkin Park or 30 Seconds to mars, while Nikke (Drums) loves to groove to beats from Pearl Jam or Led Zepplin.

What kind of reactions have you had to the band so far? Where do you seem to be most popular?
-The strange thing is, if you start to “let go” of what you think you must do, to get more famous, sometimes things happen by itself. The same happend to us. After finishing our first EP “Arise”, we tried to get as many gigs as possible, and the reaction was just amazing! We got very positive feedback from bookers and listeners alike. We were even chosen as “best newcomer” for the “Women of the world festival” und Frankfurt, Germany and had the honor to open for “Jennifer Rostock”, which is very well known in germany. Other Band we played with include “Nashville Pussy”, “Megaherz”, “Valient Thorr” and many others.
After playing together for two years now, we feel that the audience is kind of “forming up”. People come to our shows to rock their heart out, but also like, that the lyrics are mature, and deal about your personal life, no fantasy orcs-and-elves, or hymns of profanity.

Nowadays with Internet you are just a click away from discovering new music. What is the most surprising country you have gotten a response from? How does that make you feel?
-Brasil and other south american countries for sure! We got alot of “Likes” from these countries on our facebook page, and we are totally thankful for that. We are no experts in economy or politics, but maybe these countries aren´t as “lazy” as our welthy self-centric first-world countries. There is a fire still burning in these people, and a will to revolte agains the things happening around them. This makes us very proud.

How important is the aesthetic side of the band? How much thought and time do you put into the graphic side of the band?
-Same as the band name. It should reflect you as a person, and the message that you want to deliver. Symbolism is something that totally effects Maria for instance. She is always working on symbols and artworks. It has a mystical ring to it, it unites people under a common “flag”.
Concerning outfits, well you have to be careful as a all-female band. Even thou we wear, what we like to. If you look at alot of all-female bandphotos, you often get the idea, as if these girls just came straight from work at a strip-joint. Even if that might be ok for them, and might improve “selling” your “product”, we don´t belive that it helps getting any credibility as a musician. But hey……thats just our two cents

What are you opinion of digital verses physical? Is the record a s we know it a dying breed or is the re a future for the CD? Are there any limitations to digital? What are the benefits of a physical product?
I’m not too hot on digital. I want to be able to hold and feel my record, turn it around and touch it.
-Ok, lets try to not write a book about that and be brief…
Digital Media (download and streaming) is a BLESSING for every indipendant band around the globe. Period! You don´t need to have a record lable anymore to distribute your releases and to reach your fans all around the world. The money you make is YOUR money and you are not bound to a “Marketing Department” telling you how to be. But the times of making money with digital distribution is gone for good. Sure you can make some bucks with it. All in all, it is still just a 1:1 copy of your work without ANY addons to it. Its like DaVinci putting the “Mona Lisa” on a Xerox Machine and then trying to sell the jpgs of Mona Lisa for money. Thats not working at all 🙂 Actually PLAYING Live is making the Art available to the audience. And this will stay forever. Thats the way music should be!
Physical copies on the other hand will always be part of the deal, we belive. People want to posses something physically, not just the “mp3”. BUT it has so be something SPECIAL. Just putting a blank CD into a cheap tray will not get you anywhere. You need to give the buyer something SPECIAL. Look at “Pulse” from Pink Flyod. The blink LED was just an AMAZING idea.
The Gaming and Video industry has already understood that concept. There are always “special editions” available, including T-Shirts, Posters, even strangly done objects included into the release. Maybe one day in time the music industry will undestand that to…..

What do you see in the future?
The future hard to see is, young padawan…
For Revolution Eve, it is most important to stay friends as a band, and belive in the same dream. And if people, who listen to what we do dream the same dream, thats perfection. Playing live, the energy, that is just great! Writing new songs, evolving…all these things keep us going.
Music will always be part ot the life of every human being, long after the days of a multi-billion dollar industry is gone. And that is what makes us happy. To be part of something that uniting as music.
Stay frosty!

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