After having seen them live twice I knew that I had to interview RIOT HORSE. A local band that are as good as the Black Crowes, if not cooler. ©2016 Anders Ekdahl

Could you please introduce us to the band?
-Jonas Langebro on drums, Andreas Sydow on lead vocals, Joacim Sandin on bass and me Nille”Neil”Schuttman on guitar.

What has been the greatest catalyst in shaping your sound?
-I think the experiences we’ve got from playing in different bands through the years is a big part of our sound and of course listening to a lot of great music from the 60’s and 70’s.

How hard is it to record and release new songs?
-Today you can just record your music at home and release it on Spotify next day. It has never been easier.

Has digital made it easier to get your music released?
-Yes of course and it is a much cheaper way. Then it’s up to you wich way you prefer to consume your favourite music. Me myself is a big vinyl lover.

If you release your music digitally is there a risk that you release songs too soon, before you are ready compared to releasing them on cd?
-I don’t know. We haven’t had that problem but we have played new songs live before they’d been released. It’s hard not to when you’re excited and think you got some great new stuff. It’s nice to get some respons from the audience. Then we can decide if the songs will make it to the record.

What kind of responses have you had to your recorded music?
-We have got great reviews from all over the world actually. It’s been totally overwhelming.

We live in a world where there are no real distances between people communicating anymore. What has been the most surprising contact so far?
-We did a gig in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm last summer. After the show I talked to a nice couple that came up to me. They told me that they were fans and came from Argentina. They were in Stockholm for vacation and heard that we were in town. That was pretty amazing!

Do you feel like you are a part of a greater community playing in a hardrock band?
Yeah I think so. It’s like a big family.
-What is the live scene like for you?

Do you feel that playing live helps building a bigger following?
-Yes of course. It’s definitely the best way to reach out to people that never have heard of us and hopefully they will buy our records after seeing us live.

What plans do you have for the future?
-For the moment we’re working on the follow up to our debut “This is who we are “. So be prepared for some new groovy stuff in a near future.

Photos courtesy of HELENAS PHOTO ©2016 Helena Sulce

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