Everybody with any interest in AOR/soft hardrock should know the name ROBIN BECK. If not that’s your loss and you’ll get a chance to rectify that mistake by reading this interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

It doesn’t feel like it but it’s been a while since we last spoke (18 months). What have you been up to since then?
-Quite a lot actually! Everything from Family responsibilities to travel… touring and making my new Album “Underneath”

Do you feel that you release albums with some sort of planned time span between them? When do you know that it is time for a new record?
-Actually there is no exact timetable. It’s more that you know when it’s time to go again. They say that timing is everything, but I say, that having the time to do anything and do it well is everything. I take it all very seriously and love the freedom of knowing that I can put my music out when it feels right rather than working on a punch clock according to any guidelines which I’m not aware of.

Neither of us are getting any younger. How do you take care of your voice so that you still can do all songs from your career?
-I take care of my voice by warming it up a bit and cooling it down… It’s important to relax your vocal chords after you’ve wrestled them to the ground .

Something I often wonder about when I listen to albums is what kind of process there is to choosing where to place the songs on the album. Do you sit and re-arrange the song placing or do it come natural which one goes where?
-I personally go by feel… If it has a nice flow of energy and doesn’t cause me to want to turn it up or down… but to just enjoy it… then I think I’ve hit the mark… of course there is a policy I keep to not put ballads next to each other and if there’s a theme of sorts I try to stay with it. Not too many hours go into that for me as I place the sequence by ear.

I fear that this whole digital download will kill off the concept of the album. What are your thoughts on this matter?
Will? Well… For the die hard music lovers the hard copy and booklet will always stay important.
The need for this sadly has change all for the technology and kids living it are all moving so fast on the internet that they don’t realize the effort of all that goes into the making of an album…
Reading it is half the fun… Immediate gratification is more their ideal so why bother with something that has physical depth and content and takes time away from texting in their feelings. I know it will seriously douse the physical copy and already has… but it’s also cyclical… remember vinyl records? All of a sudden they are in fashion again, so who knows… maybe keep that insert for your 45’s handy… they may return to that with a vengeance. Everyone wants something different and as long as it’s available people will be able to pick and choose. Let’s see how it all turns out in 10 years from now.

You have a new album to promote now. What can we expect from it? If you place it alongside the two previous albums how does it fit in?
-Placing it alongside the last two albums makes me realize how true I am to myself. I always do what I feel when it comes to music these days. I’ve been hitting the mark from my own perspective on the last 3 albums. I’m happier to keep evolving and raising the bar for myself. I love my own recipes but even I do not want to repeat myself to often no matter what. A fresh bold record with more of a modern edge but still staying true to the rock which it stems from is a stronger foundation to stand on. So I think this record will surprise many people… the cover and the title are soft and provocative but the content is strong and carry’s a big stick. Get ready to rock! It’s refreshing and filled with melodies and story lines that I found to be universal in concept. The playing is stronger than ever and the sound is just killer! Top down ya’ll here we go again.

What is the scene like in the States for the kind of music that you do? Is the Europeans/Japanese more appreciative of the music you play?
-You know, I honestly don’t know for sure but I find that everyone has become more diversified in taste… so it would be harder to nail a territory for being one way or the other. But if you are looking for my opinion rather than a simple fact… I think that rock still rules and good songs hang in there no matter what part of the world they’re playing you in, so long as they can tune in.

Is the fact that you can’t really do anything but trust lady luck if your album is a success of a letdown something that you spend time thinking about? How do handle the fact that you really don’t know what kind of reaction your latest album will get?
-I don’t know other than that I have faith! I never forget the one thing that keeps me here to begin with… I’m so freakin’ happy to have been blessed with a talent that I can call my life’s work. I enjoy every single second of it… success is not what others think of you unless you don’t think anything of yourself. True success is also being able to accept the hand you play not the one that is supposedly dealt. I play the happy hand… lol… don’t mean to make a joke out of it. But if only a hand full of people feel my work is note worthy, than that’s a handful more than what I started with. I’m good with the not knowing in advance cause having faith in yourself and the people around you will carry you.

What will happen once the album is out?
-Once the album is out I expect to be doing more touring on it. I’ll put myself out there and open the door to all who want to share the experience of the album “Underneath” and everything else that comes along with it. A new project (Rock Opera) is already in the making with Charlie Mason who co wrote Wrecking Ball and several of the songs on the album… A single from Underneath coming and possibly a video to go with it… in short many things to follow the upcoming release.
I’d like to close in saying thank you for the interview and to say to everyone…
The past couple of years have been a great joy to me… seeing my fans come out for me and showing me their love of my music is one of the greatest feeling’s I’ve ever encountered. I’m one lucky girl to have so many fans and friends standing in my corner.
Stay tuned in at and facebook for future tour dates and release of all kinds.

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