You might remember the name ROBIN BECK but aren’t really sure where from. Just think a major soft drink advertisement and it’ll come to you. But that was then and this is now. Robin Beck has a new album out that ought to be checked out. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

Robin Beck, you have an illustrious career spanning decades and with enormous success behind you, still you keep going. What is it that drives you to continue?
-I just can’t imagine not singing and writing, just like I can’t stop breathing. It’s part of what keeps me alive.

As somebody who has experienced both major success as well as major setbacks how do you handle that without letting it break you down completely?
-There’s nothing to be broken down about. Understanding that this is life and if you want to play in the game you must understand the rules. To quote myself: “You can’t win all the time but if you understand this, you’re always gonna be a winner”. Ironic but true!

When you’ve struggled to get noticed for a long time and then it happens through a commercial does that make you feel like you’ve cheated? Or was it more like “Why didn’t I think of this before”?
-Well you can’t cheat at this game. You’ve either got what the people want or you don’t. The fact that it was a commercial and then a song, or whichever way it comes out, if people love it then you have reached them and that’s the name of the game. You really can’t make this sort of stuff up.

With your last two albums does it feel like a revitalization or is it a continuation?
-Definitely a revitalization but then also a continuation.

If I were to guess I’d say that you are more appreciated in Europe (not only because you are on a European label) than in the States. Am I correct in assuming this? It’s just that I get a feeling that you get a lot of “Is she still going” in the States.
-In the beginning I had major success throughout the UK and Europe. Over time that changed but for sure there is nothing like having a #1 in the charts and all over the place to separate the territories.
Thankfully there is youtube now so the reach is as far as you want to go with very little effort compared to the old days.

How involved are you in the whole process from song writing to studio to final product? Have you learnt how to take control of your career from the success you’ve been through?
-Oh haven’t you heard? I’m all about control lol. Kidding aside, I’m very involved in all aspects of the making of my music but I do work very closely with my husband and producer James Christian. And of course my buddy and co writer Tommy Denander, the best of the best. I could not do it without these guys and we all work very closely. To answer, it’s fun to be your own boss. It’s also fun to win and lose on your own terms. It’s all about learning how to navigate the ups and downs and still get where you want to be in the end. I’ve learned to be true to myself and if I like what I’m doing I usually run with it even if it’s straight off the edge of a cliff. You gotta believe!

When you started to sing what goals did you have? Anything you aspired to?
-I just wanted to make it to the stage and have hit records like my heroes. I was very into R&B when I first got started. I loved Chaka Khan and Tina Turner. I was also really into Pop and Rock as well. Janis Joplin and Joe Cocker, Fleetwood Mac and Abba and the Carpenters. I know some of that may sound corny to you but it just didn’t get any better. When I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn N.Y. the music of the Supremes, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Zeppelin, and of course The Beach Boys.
All this coming through everyone’s windows and walls all the time. I can remember the sounds screaming from every car radio all throughout my childhood. There was very little out there that I didn’t aspire to. It was all so good!

How did you get into this whole AOR/hardrock thing? And why have you stayed with it for so long?
-I don’t mean to sound cocky or anything but I do this sort of music in my sleep. Yikes that sounded cocky, oh well another happy face won’t hurt me. I think I got into it the same way as I got into anything else I did, just wanted to and did! It’s all part of who I am. When I die and they dissect me they’ll probably find a jukebox inside with cuts from A-Z in every music category. I have so much more to go so I have to stay!

Does it help being married to a musician when it comes to staying on track and not float out into unknown territories in terms of what might or might not work? In that you both can share ideas and listen with a critical ear instead of a lot of back patters.
-I think so because if it were up to me every record would have at least 4 different styles on it. Hard Rock, Melodic Rock, Pop, and soul, I love it all. That’s what’s so wonderful about being married to the producer. He cracks the whip when needed – ouch! Steady she goes.

Is Robin Beck a touring artist? If so what is it that drives you towards the stage? If not, what is it that keeps you away from the stage?
I’m a bit of both. I love the studio and I love being on stage. In the past several years I had to stop touring to raise my beautiful daughter. Now that she’s old enough for me to go again – here I come.

Will we see more Robin Beck releases in the future or do you see an end to this journey?
Oh I don’t think I would want to stop. I still have a lot left in me. I’ll also be out on Tour this January with “Rock Meets Classic” in Europe. You can check www.robinbeckrocks for the dates and Arena’s. Several live performances coming in the New Year as well. Please come visit me at my website and check it all out –

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