I heard of ROCKA ROLLAS only by chance. But they intrigued me enough to put together an interview in order to find out more. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Why would anyone want to start a band on his own? What is Rocka Rollas to you?
-I can do whatever I want without any input from others, as well as concentrating on songwriting only and not try to learn others all the riffs and shit. But that was how it started… I have a guitarist and bass player now, if I ever found a good drummer there will probably be some live gigs, but it’s not of highest priority. Rocka Rollas is most just a thing I do because I want to hear more music in the style of Running Wild, Riot and Scanner. There’s a few who does it good but I can’t have enough of it. I listen a lot to my own work. Heheheh.

How much of an outside influence do you incorporate into the composing of the music? What bands have meant most to you?
The already mentioned are the most influential to Rocka Rollas. However the first album is a quite simple album writing wise, while future albums will contain a lot more epic/progressive compositions ranging over 7-8 minutes per song. However there will always be some in-the-face metal numbers as well. But I’m more for really big stuff, but still aggressive… Grave Digger pulls it off perfectly with thrashy riffs and those massive choirs they have.

What does releasing records mean to you? Does it matter what kind of label it is that handles your music?
-As long as I don’t have any pressure I’m fine. Money is not really a big interest for me. Stormspell fits perfect for me, I get a good amount of copies when an album is released.

If you look beyond the rather typical song titles (all metal and steel) how important are the lyrics to you? What role do they play?
-Lyrics doesn’t matter much at all, but the metal steel lyrics will be down toned in the future. Maybe a song or two per album but not like the debut. There will be more standard lyrics like fantasy/sci-fi/history stuff.

I’m not going to ask you why you play heavy metal because that is obvious but what kind of bands do you identify with, both older and newer?
-Hmmm… I don’t care if a band is old or new, the important thing is that they are good. But of course I think it’s interesting with bands that broke barriers in their time, that doesn’t matter much anymore. Skull Fist are great but doesn’t bring anything new to the table, and Rocka Rollas easily falls into that category as well. I’m not trying to come up with something new. There’s a already good formula and sound that can be used greatly. No reason to change it!

Have you noticed that you get attention simply because you are Swedish or does it not matter where you are from today?
-Of course I have heard somebody point out that we’re from Sweden, but it doesn’t really matter much… For me the best bands today are Skull Fist and Lonewolf, who are from Canada respective France.

I guess it is hard to not use the social media in spreading the word of the band. What disadvantages are there to using these kinds of sites in spreading the band’s name?
-I don’t have facebook, but I upload songs on Youtube as well as posting some shit on a couple forums but I don’t advertise much.

Is there a specific aesthetic to how the art work must look like for it to be a true heavy metal cover? What is the perfect heavy metal album cover?
-Yeah the artwork should look like a action movie. Just like the music needs to sound like one!

How do you avoid ending up a cliché? Is it so bad to be a cliché?
-Nah, I know it’s a cliché. But Manowar was cliché already at their second album but that’s not a concern for me. I like cheese.

When can we expect anything new from Rocka Rollas? What future plans do you have for the band?
There are a few albums in the works, the next one I hope can be released this year!

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