There are a lot of bands out there with names that I might not have picked up on immediately. RUN CHICKEN RUN was one of these bands. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

We live in a world where there are literally millions of bands to check out. What do you have that sets you apart?
-a lot of bands today have articulated live acts and electronic contaminations. we remains simple and rough. Straightforward hard rock. Briefly: We are fun, and we have the wine!

How hard was it for you guys to pick a name? What had that name have to have to fit your music?
-The name has come to us naturally. It comes from the working environment fo the two guitarists, a chicken factory. One day a chicken escaped from the machines and survived until the day after. So, Run Chicken Run!

What band(s) was it that turned you on to the kind of music you play? What inspires you today?
-Our inspirations comes from the blues and hard rock giants of the past and today. Mainly AC/DC, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Airbourne.

What is the advantages/disadvantages of CD and vinyl these days of internet promotion where digital seems to be king?
-CDs and principally vinyls lets you touch a piece of art, enjoy the cover, the booklet. You have something to collect and the sound is great.

I use Spotify and Deezer but only as compliment to buying CDS (itís easier to just have your phone or pad when your out) but I fear that soon music as we know it will be dead and buried. What are your worries as a band?
-We think the future of music are the live concerts, to experience the music, feel its power.

What part does art work and lay out play? Any message that you want to bring forth with it?
-Artwork and layout are important. The visual part of the music is important. We are working hard on it. The message is simple: have fun!

Is it a whole different way to promote a band today with all these social media channels? Or do you go about doing promotion the same way? Playing live and word of mouth.
-We would like to play everyday, but the social media work is really important, complex and enormously time consuming.

Do you feel like you are a part of a scene, locally, nationally and internationally?
-We are growing and surely are part of the local scene. We are emerging now at national level and we hope soon to be known internationally.

How much of a touring band are you? Is touring/gigging still a great way of spreading the word of the band?
-We think the touring/gigging is a great way of spreading the name of band, we really enjoy playing live shows and we surely sound better live.

What will the future bring?
-We have two more albums almost ready to record and a lot of new ideas for live shows and other songs. After, we don’t know, for sure we’ll keep rocking!

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