I gotta admit that upon first encounter with this band I only read the first part oft he band’s name. RUNNING DEATH is still a cool band name and I wanted to know more about them. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

Could you please introduce yourself ?
We’ re 4 guys from the Allgäu Region in Bavaria, Germany.
Simon: Guitar, Vocals
Dani: Guitar
Max: Bass
Jakob (myself): Drums

How hard was it for you guys to come up with a sound you all agreed on?
I think it was kind of easy, because at the beginning we never forced a special direction. We just wrote songs, that we liked. Over the years we formed the sound, which we play today.

How did you decide on your band name? It kinsda reminds me of another band.
-When we came up with the name back then, no one of us put any special meaning in the name. For me for example the name just sounded very metal and thats why I liked it back then. And until this day I think, that Running Death is a great and a memorable name for a Metalband.

What is image to you guys? Is it important to have an image?
I would say our image, if there is any kind of image, is to be individual. So this would probably be the message, we want the fans to get from us. I personally don’t like the people, who tell you, that you only can be a true metalhead or a fan of this kind of music, if you’re for example wearing all black or got long hair. It’s the love and the passion to the music that counts, not the look.
Besides of that it’s really important for us, that the people recognize our fun and joy while playing our music. Everyone of us stands 100% behind the band and the music.

I love cover art work and think it sets the tone fort he album. What are ytour opnion on this?
-We are also huge fans of great album artworks! So it is very important for us to have a great cover artwork. It’s awsome to look at the cover of a record while listening to it and it’s a piece of art in every way.

I get the impression that playing in a band is like being a part of a greater community. What do you think about this?
-I think there is a big and most of all a great community, but it doesn’t always feel that massive 😉 Compared to other genres and communities anyway, I think, metalfans are more passioned and loyal to single bands and the music itself.

Back in the days a label was an necessity. How important is a label today?
-A label especially can help you with the promotion and distribution of your music and can reach people, who you never could reach yourself.

What is playing live to you? Is it still important to tour?
-We want to be on the road as often as possible, but last year we got a bit of trouble with line up changes and things like that. And also we’re writing on our next album, so we didn’t played that much the last months. But I think this will be changed the following months.
It is always difficult to find gigs, but I think it’s getting better. But in this case the town or the country in most of the cases does not matter.

What will the future bring?
Our goal for this year will be, that we record a new album and hopefully take a step forward.

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