Want to discover a new band? Why not start with SACRIFICIAL BETRAYAL from North Carolina. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

If I knew anything about the band before I’ve completely forgotten it now so could you please introduce the band to us?
-Sacrificial Betrayal is a 5-Piece Metal band based in Jacksonville, NC. SB sounds like Blackened Thrash Metal with an evil delivery of vocals ranging from aggressive death growls to a black metal hybrid that evokes Satan. The songs feature cryptic choruses, solos and a taste of old-school metal mixed with a few current elements metal. The songs are written as stories of horror, lepers, death, cults, demons, abortion and even a few classic movies. Members are originally from New York and North Carolina.

Looking through my record collection I can’t recall too many bands from North Carolina. What kind of state is metal in your state?
-North Carolina is home to tons of killer Metal bands. Between the Buried and Me is one to name right off the bat. In regards to the state of metal here and in my opinion, a lot of the venues seem to do what they need to do to survive. The bigger clubs host hip hop nights, DJ nights and book a lot of radio friendly bands along with big Metal tours. They seem to keep that full spectrum and target every audience, which I understand from a business stand point. There are plenty of smaller clubs here that focus on just Metal, have strong followings and do very well. The bigger venues book local metal bands frequently and sometimes host local Metal nights. They do well but sometimes it’s hit or miss. In our town, a lot of the bands follow the more current styles with most of the more extreme ones focusing on death core with those breakdowns and spin kicks. Some bands, including ours, play stuff that stays away from that style. So, a typical metal show encompasses all types. I feel that this has its good sides and bad.

How tough is it to get noticed today? What are you doing to get the band’s name out there?
-Facebook, YouTube and loads of internet sites make it really easy for you to be noticed but without that scene or buzz from word of mouth you will not be noticed. We try to promote ourselves by internet and we have walked around towns to pass out flyers and CD samplers on occasion but promotions have always been our downfall. We really put as much effort as we should have in this area and could do better. There are not many places here that allow you to put up posters and flyers. At one time, we were trying to get our music played on local radio stations, but the employees that we knew from that radio station left. We had a local tattoo artist do artwork for us and he kept our merchandise in his shop for sale. We once hosted a concert at a tattoo shop that incorporated a Zombie Survival theme. We had a lot of support by, SEPIA a paranormal activity group, actors from Operation Z, a survival TV show and a comic book store passing out free zombie comics. We hosted the event and had three other bands play with us. This event was pretty legit.

Is playing live still a great way of getting people to know about the band or is it basically the same people that come to the shows?
-In my opinion, playing live shows is where we have made our name. At every show, we pass out free CDs and flyers. We typically play a cover song and pull in those guys from the back with their arms crossed. Our audience seems to increase at every show and there are plenty of people that keep coming back. We are always ourselves on stage and we go all out.

You got a new EP out now. How pleased are you with this recording?
-The quality of the Crowbar Abortion EP was a pleasant surprise not only to us but our fan base. The EP was produced by Jason Brooks (Ex-8 FT Stride/Engage Your Enemy) at nsolitary productions. We recorded this EP in less than a month. Jason has a way of bringing out the best performance in us. He is a complete perfectionist. The band members were like machines during the recording and completed songs in like one or two takes. We are very proud of the product we created and think it should be on the shelves at Best Buy.

Why do you not release a full album? What are the benefits of releasing an EP?
-We think the benefit of this EP is quality not quantity. The EP does just enough to get our name out there and let you know we mean business. We would love to release a full album; however, money plays a major factor as it does to other bands. We take this band seriously but not all of us could fund the EP or merchandise. We played many shows for free. We have also had troubles paying our practice space rent and have even played shows with less than ideal equipment. The people that keep coming to the shows and buying our merchandise EP will be the only way we could possibly fund a full album. Maybe in the near future, a label or a sponsor will fund it. Listen to the EP and call us.

When you are a band trying to sell your physical record how annoying is the increase in postage cost the US postal service implemented a while back? How many people back out when they learn that the cost of sending a CD outside of the US is $12?
-Maybe we should play a show at the post office and they will hook us up.

Looking through your influences on Facebook you got a very wide selection of bands. Which bands have been the most influential?
-Each band member has their own influences. I can’t speak for them, but I will personally say, I was most influenced by Twisted Sister when I was a kid. When I heard the scream within the first few mintutes from the song “Come out and Play” I was hooked on metal. I grew up listening to bands like Cinderella but was taken by bands like Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Exodus, Death, Destruction and Possessed. When I decided to be a vocalist, I wanted to be like Phil from Pantera, Dez from Coal Chamber, Max from Seplutura, Quorthon (RIP) from Bathory, Barney from Napalm Death, Anders from In Flames and Randy from Lamb of God.

Is social media still a great way of getting people to know about your band or are the too many bands using the same kind of channels making it next to impossible to be noticed?
-It’s a great tool have. 24 Hours a day anyone and look up your band. People can always download a song or watch a video. On the other hand, you’re right; it’s not easy to get noticed. It takes away from the “unknown” which I feel is more exciting for a fan of metal. We use it because we need the exposure but I think we would have a greater effect if Metal heads just saw our logo somewhere, wondered if we were any good then came out to a show. I remember going to shows not having a clue of who bands were and just walking around asking people about those bands, and to me that was fun. It is a must for bands to use this media in this age though.

What lies in the future?
-We are working on new logos, new shirt designs, new music and most important, a full length album. We want to get one of those lyrical videos everyone has. We want to really start promoting ourselves better. Overall, I think our future is going to be decided by our fans and if someone out there wants to invest in our Metal and let us play for the masses and take us to their town. Either way, we are all going to play Metal no matter what happens.

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