SAD ALICE SAID might seem like a strange band name to begin with but let it sink in and you realize that it isn’t that bad. In fact it fits perfectly. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What is it that sad Alice said? Why this name for the band?
-Until 2011 we had another name – Alice in Wonderland. Due to the fact that there was a lot of fractures and changes in our line-up and in the general concept of music, we decided to symbolically reinforce these with name change. All our music is more melancholic, philosophical and SAD. All lyrics written by me, so I’m trying to bring our idea and true feelings to people… Like in a story… That’s why Sad Alice Said.

I guess you felt a need to be in a band but what was it that made you take the step from just thinking about it to actually realize the idea?
-It all started with writing a few songs in search of musicians. Everything happened by itself. I haven’t built any special plans and I never thought about creating a band as about something cosmic. Wanted – Did it!

When you formed the band did you have a clear vision of what instruments you wanted to include? What does it bring to have a violin player too in the line-up?
-Well, of course I had the whole idea. And always wanted to hear in our music some unusual instruments. In fact, very long time we had violist in the line-up, then we recorded the song with cello. We love to experiment with instruments and we will continue to do so. Also, I like ethnic instruments, especially combined with hard music.

How much of a clear musical vision did you have to begin with and how much has it evolved as time and members come and gone?
-In fact, the core of Sad Alice Said remained the same since its inception. By this, the people who came and gone almost had no influence on our music and concept. Concerning the question about how much we’ve evolved since we created the band, I must say that of course we grew up and developed greatly, we started making more serious music in all aspects.

How does a band from Ukraine end up on a label from Australia? Are there no distances anymore thanks to the internet?
-Fortunately absolutely true. Thanks to the Internet we found Karl Lean from Bluefreya and are productively working together till this day.

What kind of advantages/disadvantages is there to having your record label in a different country?
-We can safely do a promo in Ukraine ourselves. Abroad it is more difficult. This is the advantage of the foreign label. The difficulty of course is in communication and solving some important questions. But all of this is conventional.

When you come from Ukraine you are not part of any greater metal scene. How does that affect you as a band? Do you feel lonely? Is there a metal scene to speak of?
-In fact, in our country the situation with the metal scene is really, really bad. Or rather, it’s more of a problem with its support and promotion. Of course we are disappointed, but we know where to aspire. We hope that the situation in our country changes over some the time and we will put every effort to help the changes.

What is it like to be a metal band in a country like the Ukraine? Does it pose any specific difficulties?
-Of course it does. As I mentioned before, we are facing great difficulties with our metal scene, despite the fact that there’s a huge and diverse audience. There is always audience for each and every music style. And realizing this, makes us stronger and more persistent, we need to work harder.

How efficient is the social media in spreading the news about the bands existence? How deceptive can the social media be in thinking that you are bigger than you actually are?
-I don’t even know how to answer such a question. I believe, that anyways we are something bigger than the social media and not the other way round. And it’s normal, I think.

What can we expect from the future of Sad Alice Said?”
-We have so many plans. In the nearest future we will finally start recording an album. We will release a new single with the video pretty soon. And then another single… We are also planning to visit at least one great European music festival.

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