SAKARA might need an introduction to most of you out there. Hence my interview with the artist that goes by the name of Sakara. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What made you want to do the whole Sakara project in the first place? What need was there for it to happen?
-Why not, is what I say! I had enjoyed being in bands for many years but after the split of my last band I wanted to do something different. Life is to short and so I did not allow myself to be disheartened and give up I instead saw the ending as new beginning. I like to experiment and cross a lot of musical boundaries and going solo was an opportunity for me to create an album in my own way. It was in May 2011 I met Stephen Clarke (Thinman) and we joined in a powerful yin yang collaboration. We worked very well together I was very happy to have finally found someone that understood me and shared my vision and I made a great friend in the process. I could not have completed “Blood and Stone” without his help. You can only be yourself at the end of the day and bring to life what ever idea’s you have in the best way possible that’s all I have tried to do with this project. I have never been one to follow the crowd and I don’t expect others to follow me either I am not looking for fame or fortune I just do what I love to do and can only hope that others will love It also.

What is it about metal that attracted you to it and eventually drove you to wanting to do it on your own?
-I love and appreciate all kinds of music but for me metal has an intensity and passion that you can’t find in any other genre. I love the power, drive and aggression as well as the balance of the soft and heavy, light and dark, slow and fast, clean vox and growls. I am a big fan of bands like Katatonia, Anathema, Opeth, Cradle of Filth & My Dying Bride. I love the atmosphere these bands create. I also love bands like White Zombie, Pain and Machine Head they kick major ass. These bands for sure inspire me to create but it also comes from a place deep inside, it’s like an unseen force that drives me. Music is one of the ways in which I can fully express myself

When you front your own band/project how do you go about finding the right people to work with? That to me seems to be the hardest part.
-It is hard to find the right members but I am a great believer that if something is meant to be it will happen I have put the feelers out there for local musicians so will wait and see what happens.

What plans do you have for taking the whole thing even further, beyond just a releasing an album?
-Once we have a complete line up we hope to get out there and play some live shows I have already been asked to play some cool venues and we have also been talking of plans to write and release another album in the not to distant future. As an artist I like to focus on being creative and leave the management and pr side of the business to the skills of my manager

How hard is it to keep everybody feeling involved when it is your name that fronts the band? How do you keep the egos in check?
-At the end of the day no matter what accomplishments you make in life, somebody has helped you along the way and therefore it is important to remember and realise that there is no I only one. For a cart to move forward it needs wheels. If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself so it is important to find others who share the same vision and passion that you do so everyone will be naturally moving in the same direction.
How long did it take to come up with enough material to record a full album? How much stuff do you trash in the process?
-I already had many ideas and songs written. I rarely trash anything I like to keep them as I have found that I have in the past often thought idea’s I came up with were rubbish at the time and put them to one side then months later after forgetting about them I will listen again and think its not so bad after all and it sets off ideas for me.

Is every idea worth saving? I have a hard time remembering stuff that I come up with if I don’t write it down and save it.
-Yes I always write it down and save my work and idea’s, sometimes I will look back and an old piece might fill a part of a song or complete it and be just the ending I was looking for

How involved are you in the portrayal of you on the cover, how the art work and booklet lay-out looks? Are hands on or can you take a step back and trust others to do it correctly?
-Dave Charlsey (Decline Gothica) did the images for the album and he, Stephen Clarke and Dave Smith (my manager) helped with the layout and final product. I trusted in there decision although I would have preferred not to have my mug all over it, but everyone seemed to like it so I went with it. The front and back cover was however my idea and have a deeper meaning to the albums theme which is about life, death, rebirth, resurrection and transformation from one level of being to another. It is about finding ones own power and light in the darkness and learning to love what we find both the positive and negative within, the beauty and the beast and letting go of who we think we are to become who we really are and find our wings and fly. The song She of the Throne especially represents this with Isis’s journey to find and restore Osiris.

When do you know that an idea works? Is it instantly or do you have to sleep on it, live with it for some time before you decide if it works or not?
-Sometimes I know instantly and other times I sleep on it and live with it for a while but usually the best ones you know right away have something.

What will 2012 hold for Sakara?
-To be honest I do not know what 2012 holds for Sakara but I know that I will continue to make music what ever happens and I am really looking forward to playing some live shows and working on the next album.

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