SANCTORUM is to me a new British acquaintance on the metal horizon. I liked their death metal so much that I just had to interview them in order to find out more. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

You don’t sound the British way I expected you guys to sound like. What is that have inspired your sound?
-Our sound is basically a big melting pot of ideas and sounds that we are inspired by from all avenues of music.

When not sounding that British, what kind of reactions do you get from the local crowd? Do they feel that you’ve sold yourself to the wrong Gods?
-It can be quite hard as the UK scene is full of trends and ‘Flavor of the week’ type bands and it seems to have become the norm for fans to just accept this kind of fake, heartless shit. Having said that it is changing slowly and we always seem to have a great response from the fans.

Why have I not heard of you before now? Have you been bad at promoting the band the proper way?
-It’s been a long hard road to where we are now and we are far from finished traveling it. We have had a lot of hold ups during our career from band members leaving, labels messing us about and the lack of money to push it as far as we can. We are a DIY band in every sense of the word so we do what we can with what we have but in a time where more people are getting their music for free or streaming it online it does slow things down. We do have to eat a few times a year after all! haha

Is there a bigger philosophy behind the band name and the album title(s)? What is it that you want to say with the band?
-There’s not really anything behind that band name we just liked the sound of it. Our latest album ‘Semper Fidelis’ means ‘always faithful’ which we chose because we always want to stay true to our roots with what we do. I guess what we want to say with this band is that good music should be loved and explored to its full potential and to have a good time doing it.

Do you feel any pressure of carrying a legacy on your shoulders being British with the history of British metal?
-No not really, we are proud to be from a country that has changed the face of music in so many ways over the years and it’s an honor to follow in the footsteps of those bands. We just hope we can put our stamp on it somewhere along the way.

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about is how you keep a band going when you fight for attention and maybe not getting it instantly?
-It is hard but we didn’t start this band to become famous or anything like that. We just do it for ourselves because we like creating and sharing music. The one thing I would say to anyone out there who is finding it hard is just work hard, be totally dedicated and be true to yourself, good music will always find its way out there.

Have you been through many line-up changes? Does a major disturbance like a line-up change feel like a blow to the gut and a deception, like a waste of our time?
-Yeah we have had 3 line-up changes and yeah it can seem like a really big blow to the gut at the time but without them we wouldn’t be the band we are today so it’s been a blessing in disguise really.

The live scene in Britain has always been good. What is it like for a death metal band to tour the country? Is it small pub gigs to a few interested?
-It’s not great at the minute but it’s showing some promise that it will improve. You have some great shows some days and others it’s to the few people who could be bother to adventure outside their bedroom which is a shame because there are some great bands that could do amazing things if they were given the time of day and the chance.

How do you take your band out of you native home and onto the international metal scene and to do it with the biggest bang possible?
-It’s difficult at the minute with the way the world is going at the minute everyone is struggling, so we’ll just keep producing the best music we can and keep pushing on through.

How will you make the best of the future with a new album out?
-We are hoping to tour as much as possible and keep promoting ourselves anyway we can.

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