I am always surprised when I find a Swedish band that I have not heard of. SAREA was a surprise in more ways than one. Wanna know why please read what they have to say. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Where did the idea to sound like you sound like come from? What’s up with the dual vocals?
-We all love aggressive songs that use melody. Adding a melody to an otherwise all out brutal song will take it to the next level in many ways. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, there are plenty of bands out there that use melody in an otherwise aggressive format. We all love the feeling of watching bands that can deliver more than just your average mosh pit. A big part of a great show involves jumping and raising your hands as far as you can reach and join in on a big ass chorus that everyone knows. When it comes to the dual vocals the clean parts are there to do exactly what pretty much every band out there is trying to do. You get people to sing your songs You emphasize words that people hear and can relate to instantly thereby having a real chance to get choruses with a feeling of greatness or just slowly dying…

How do you avoid being compared to Dead By April and Sonic Syndicate?
-If we took avoiding to sound like anything else out there into consideration when writing material we would never get anything done. We make music for ourselves primarily. It would be presumptuous to think that we create music that does not sound like anything else out there. And in the end it comes down to preferece and taste. You can compare any music ever made to us, and please do.

Could you ever see yourself doing a Dead By April and enter a competition like “Melodifestivalen”?

When you play the kind of metal that you do how do you avoid repeating yourself ending up sounding like a tired old washing cloth?
-We make sure we love the songs we release, is the short answer. When writing new material you always think it’s fresh and awesome. Some people will agree, some will disagree, that’s life.

You have one album out and are in the process of recording/finishing a new one. How do you go from point A to point B without losing that which made the first one special? How do build on what the first album created?
-On “Alive” we worked hard not to overdo the technical aspects of it and use the melodies in a way that drives both the song forward but also gives it an edge, without making the song boring or too repetative. With the upcoming album there will in many ways be more challenges in all aspects as we try to push the limits of what we can do. There is the old cliché about making a new album and it 100% true about this album. It will be heavier, faster, more dynamic and more personal. The coming album will kick your ass, kill you and sing at your funeral.

Can we talk about a Swedish modern metal sound? How much has Sonic Syndicate’s success meant for the attention you get?
-Guess we can but it’s not as easy as that. They are not the first band to make melodic metal, come from Sweden and get attention. Every band that plays metal and comes from Sweden will inevitably give more attention to Sweden and the bands that comes from over here. We do what we do and if people like it we won’t hold it against them. Do not want to start a namedrop contest here so let’s just leave it at saying that Sweden has tons of talented bands that are trying to get out and in some cases they rather hire a stylist than focus on making music that feels real.

What is it about Swedish metal that is so attractive?
-Many bands here know when a song needs to have a great drive and when you have to take it back a notch without it being too much. There has also been great rolemodels here for creating great music without being a jackass rockstar. Bands such as At The Gates, In Flames, Hammerfall, The Haunted…list goes on.. have all paved way for new bands to get picked up and take over the world. We owe these guys.

How much are you ready to sacrifice for the band just to make it? What is it worth to sacrifice to get the band known?
-We want to live on our music and tour the world. With that come tons of sacrifices (mostly on a social level). What’s worth sacrificing is up to each member. With our music we don’t compromise.

What kind of reactions have you had from abroad to your metal? Have you noticed that it works better in some parts than in others?
-The reactions so far has been great! Our video for “Another Me” just hit over 400 000 views and the viewers are scattered all over the world. We get new fans everyday on our social networks. Geographically people seems to be spread pretty much worldwide. Although we’ve seen some peaks in Mexico and Germany, which we find amazing!

What can we expect from Sarea with a new album seeing the light of day sometime soon?
-We hope to be able to get out and play outside of Sweden and meet the people that are asking us to come and play in their cities. And just take it from there, grow one fan at a time.

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